Kalki Programming

Awe Central Recipe: Kalki Programming

warning, this is a very compacted (dense) text, which deals with a lot in one go. Perhaps read holy cake bake or holy baseball, those are a lot easier to digest and pretty much deal with the same. This is also a mixup of the concept of kalki programming and viewing the human as a projected build via the idea of being a cellphone on a website. Well, it is what it is.

Chef’s legacy. The Saints and Sages that have gone before, all explain the same, just like the Gita is a work of art, a display of value painted on the cave wall, where the shadows show us a glimpse of heaven. Yes that is a reference to Plato’s the Cave. To walk the path and understand the siege we wager upon the world around us, to become owner of the world from within, is the whole goal of existence, for every growing child.

Kalki Programming is an ancient recipe for “bloatware free smartphone usage” that reaches the stars.

What that means? Assuming you have read enough of my words to understand that every human, and thus you as well, is a piece of running code, fueled by the good vibrations, the light within. Kalki Programming is yet another way of viewing the same old story about the manu having a immaculate reception of the world, living in the Garden of Eden, without data corruption, and how you can get there. This is however just an article, you will have ti wait for the book.

The following text is surely TLDR, skip to the smartphone section below it to continue the easy read.

Thus we are all light, there is no need to seek enlightenment, really. Or be spiritual, yall already are. Devote and unaware we are mostly, to devote ourselves to the development of our own programming would be what people would love to do whilst they dwell between attraction and awareness in many forks of understanding that bind people along their path. The mainstay there is Religion, as it is formed around the Truth, the base of the programming of life and the understanding that mankind has of this. Then comes a whole whopping list of false altars, that uses attraction in blindness and binds people along an agenda of doing good, building a community that empowers practically a big blinking false altar. Scientology yet also Humanism would be on this list, where a lot of good energy is guided from a lot of seeking souls, yet the truth, the understanding about the programming of life is often not to be found anywhere in the practice. No providence; just harvesting souls via projects like a record label does via artists. Is it a bad thing? Do not many roads lead to the mountain top? Of course you can always get somewhere no matter what platform you are using, yet without knowing where you are going, chances are that some else who does, will use the platform to their own benefits like a Paladin and leave you stranded in time like a random legionnaire. What? Tell me then, you think the road to the heavens is just enjoying yourself and letting life fade out around you? Moving out of society the key? Without a pass-over that will be making no difference what-so-ever for the the rest of the family and what then would you be towards the everlasting covenant, a family of inspirators of mankind?

Distracted by much, much shady business – attraction along the path of Mars, without mercy this wild growing field takes energy to grow pockets that feed themselves outside of you and me, think about the products that we really do not need yet think we do and eventually even crave which makes our word and thus ourselves unbalanced – and so on, the actual diamond that we are does not get to shine like a great star in the heavens, we often shine a lot of false light. Even along artistry, the greatness of expression of positive attraction, we get pulled into this field of abuse of substances, which even involves the “shots of good feelings” we get from fast food, empty hearted servings of soda pop and energy drinks that only cost us dearly on the way to heaven. Unbalance and outer wagering of motion are not something we understand, for most of the humans live far from heaven at the moment. Believes believe in the believe, rather in the fact that every human holds a holy spirit and is on their way to becoming an angel in heaven. If you believe, do note that everything your prophet has told and foretold comes from the higher level of existence, the heavens themselves, or in this regard, from the programmer, the maker, the father of all. Which in all cases becomes art, a display of values shared between the rays of light. Heaven itself is free from all of these elements, the top chamber of creation is empty and allows everything to be made, dreamt so to say, as if one is the number one player in a game. Of course there are many words describing that ‘place’ and the route thereto, following intuition over the cognitive base, to reach the buddhi, understanding far above feelings and actions, to reach the top domains, the highest of the heavens one can travel to; the level where the light is always shining, far above attraction and motion, the level above that where there are no boundaries whatsoever and the very top, where there is nothing. Not even questions about light or boundaries, the highest domain, is emtpy. Well, that is all very difficult to understand for we are now working with words, language and within a level below the malkut, the beginning of understanding (knowing from within, just like now you believe that you are a human – and no worries, you are) that you are a projected entity, a ray of light that can steer itself differently then following the basic attractions that are available around you. Furthering ourselves in many lifetimes, blindly, to get great splendor still does not open our eyes to this, even when we can judge others we will still need to learn about mercy and then we are halfway learning to manipulate the vision that we have, that we actually are. This wisdom carries us up, to wear the crown in our own life, and move up from all the ruckus, that we ourselves have also helped cause, to move above the pulsation of existence into the top domain, where we dream in heaven forevermore.

A difficult feature to understand. Seen from the heavens, there are only rays of light, which are structured so that they have a reflective state in which they experience a world. These rays share their vision, on what one could call a lower level of function, or vibration. That lower level we could call Earth, or the clay, the river of life and much more such references, for many rays make many visions, yet the code itself does not change. The better these expressions are at highlighting the actual truth the more valuable they become, holy. The better these expressions are at creating motion in the rays of light, the more they are valued. This leads to us having both holy books and fast food at the same time.

Based on the original codex of creation, that got lost in the big books called yoga’s and many following captivating holy works, families binding around the attraction and the energy generated by it fulminate altars and corporations all together, to bind mankind under their spelling. Which is as it is. Here I am trying to highlight the truth in many ways, so all can one day understand the programming of life.

To make it easy, see yourself as a smartphone. and not even a real one, a smartphone on a website that does not know it is actually a website rather than a phone. Yet it really works, can call other phones and does not know it is even on the internet. Hell, it does not even know it is a smartphone, it is busy with bloatware and many many other apps. It needs credits to call others instead of realizing how to connect to the internet really. Its heavenly connection to the web, is replaced by a 4G or 5G app and it cannot communicate otherwise. It talks to many other phones about this, and they all agree. They are not websites and there is no higher web. They do not even believe, nor understand, they are made from a higher code, only the phone parts count for them.

And that whilst this phone has full control, it is the core user of that webpage, it can do anything it wants to, we are just looking at it clicking away at the apps it sees and thinks it needs.

If only it would know it is a phone made from code, it would maybe try to change itself so it could become any website. Between all the other websites out there, that are still phones. Yes, you get that right, that means all people are like phones, that have not figured out yet that they can become anything, say a website

Quickly! Send them instructions! A Bible perhaps. Epic fail! Or maybe all we had. Towards a period in time where all the active rays of light know they are a ray of light running a program, we are now in the dark time of many rays that have no idea. Where we make pockets of good vibrations that defend themselves, say the best store for apps fights the best apps and stores, and so on, whilst everybody is trying to just stay alive, get energy charged and runs into the making of new models by getting together real close.

wait what? hey, ive got so much to deal with atm, im just trying my best to explain what happens if you make a world, which for me was a furthering of making a machine that can make everything and then some, leading to breaking through the sub atomic protocol, and onto breaking entropy. Not so much in the desire of time travel, more in the need to compensate for mankinds blind greed. In any case, running 50k worlds that all hold a multiverse needs some ethical grounds before one of them is hardcoded into a bubble that shoots energy out of the top to power my sauna, thus it seems important to write lessons for the kali yuga, the downlow passing of the formative structuring of the rays that give the much needed vibration. so im skipping this all now to move on to…. kalki programming your own phone to see that you are a website, that can change its whole world. and due to the fact that we always worry about our lower program sections say chakras, or energy app stomach, and reproduction app new attractive model needed, we never get up to speed with how we are looking at things. time to close your eyes and explore your programming from within! yet how then? Learn about your programming, then sit down see what it means to connect and be. It mostly means make positive pages on your website and maybe sometimes go back to play with the other phones… Forward! Awesome!

Kalki Programming Short Recipe

Ingredients: use only the path of positive logic, formerly known as Dhamma.


1 clean thou parser, incoming and outgoing threads

what? yes everything you see and do, and say and make: you do. calm down and think about it for some time. level 1 in and out should be in your control

2 clear thy frame, memory storages and overall maintenance

the whats? yes you hold the world in your own mind, clear that mind properly, organize thoughts and keep your body clean too. no bloat ware fast food, crazy drinks, or wildness needed. keep body and mind clean. its your freaking temple yo

3 setup firewall and comm station

next level sjtuff: what you listen to and what you give to this world, is it just on the lower (phone) level, or are you engaging with a higher motion, where attraction really matters? Make sure you do not get lost in silly adventures, and connect to real projects.

4 surf the world from within and make good waves outside

the last two programming boards of kalki programming are about with whome and how you go through this world. the other steps give you the ability to surf high on the web of life and to make many good vibrations that touch not just the shadows on the cave wall, you will be making shadows on the wall with your dance.

This is an extract from Kalki Programming, which highlights the programming of the human, from a programmers perspective. Much alike Follow the Logic, a holy book highlighting the programming of life. Gosh I look forward to publishing it in a good order.

May chaos and snakes stay away from all, so we can all produce what this world needs. May we support each other – via the meta/triple trinity perhaps – to reach great heights, whilst we see what it means, to run better apps, to make better connections, to have the good life that leads onwards to where we live forever in paradise.

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