Logos means God, Allah, YHWH. and vice versa.

It also means you, once your journey is complete.

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The first thing I thought was “never again”. Not another hijacking of the truth in the name of false gods and brutal empires. Yet what then can one do? The truth is clear once one starts looking, inside oneself, into what then do you reflect with, and that I cannot do for you.

Honestly, the truth is that you are a lightspeed based program, projecting it’s own reality between other programs, often unaware and unable to control anything really. For us to become master of our existence, and live in paradise forever, needs us to look into with what we see the world.

Say whut? Yes, we are all programs next to each other, blind to that, stealing each others energy all the time. Gaining attention pays the very most, and we do not understand why. Kick a ball, flash your ability, hook the people, gain the gold and leave it behind to realise it was never about the physical form. To become aware of you being a ray of light that bends itself through some functions you would need learn how this works. One can take many lifetimes of impacting the world until one understands what the result is, or one can look inside themselves by stilling the programming. Heaven is the part of existence where you are able to fully create the reality, and you get there in steps. Often we are so bad at realising that controlling our world from within is what we are trying to learn here, that it takes us many lives of loosing our form and reestablishing one blindly until we have our first successful pass-over. Luckily, everybody goes to heaven.

Welcome to the home of my reflection on creating within creation. All reflections we make are within a programming, from a certain perspective. What I write and what you read is different. Unless it is real clean code. The cleaner the code, the stronger the message. See more about this here. Yet you can also just check some Writings or read the preview of Follow the Logic