The logic said work with what you have. This here is the beggars cup.

Please Donate Time

and stop for a moment
to seek in all of what you are
the power to love all

Save your soul, give that hard earned money to a good thing and it shall up your karma. Tho honestly, your soul is endless, good deeds are relative and good relations form a better programming inside of yourself, to one day become as awesome as the most merciful of all.


Read this booklet. Or send me ETH and good things will happen 0x9940BFEeEF6ED9b905Ab4E2CBA9EBE8329297E86

Thus, no need to get your tiths out; The Ministry has accorded and applauded, your hard work has been appreciated.

In a time when there is nothing except animals that hunt each other and strengthen their programming to do so, sometimes the word of God brings a whole new level of understanding to happiness. Peace and prosperity, where the hunt has been superseded, by love and sharing. Holidays and decency arrive. Finally, peace for the planet. There people pay their temple, so no child will be lost.

It would be great if you could look inside towards your own programming, perhaps read the booklet Follow The Logic. People pay their religions to keep their heaven safe, which rather works by managing the past, in a narrative, towards the future. Yet what can one do? Seen from the heavens there is no other capital than the human soul that grows, the development of consciousness and awareness. Yet we all take so much weight to our grave. We take so much need into our soul. We sometimes even take it to the next life. Free yourself, in your mind, and become.

you can of course always just send credits, oldskool, or just here:

Technically speaking I am trafficking knowledge packages for a teenage version of me or you, see the latest here. 0 production value. Absolutely zero. Yet tcould b worse. As said and now repeated, It ain’t Hollywood here. Which it should be, a wholly holy wood, yet who cares about an upside down world’s order? Perhaps lift with the system and use them modern tools that help holding viewers and helps viewers pay. Bleat and rinse.

Well, that might say enough, it does not pay much to hang between dogs and cats dangling about in the lower world. And I mostly just give what I get. All the money is the devils wallet anyway. AnShould you do this? When willing to enter the next level maybe, yet usually you are still on your way. Better give it to the forward flow of life you manage, your kids or family, in the form of sustainable life. Get it from sustainable sources too, that helps a lot. “U ain’t making your world safer by selling weapons or dope to pay for your kid with“. Many lives will follow and the day you will regret your silly steps will surely come. Maybe not at first, pride will help you miss the importance of doing good in all you do. It comes for all, the day they enter heaven and understand the endless covenant.

Sometimes people really should not be working that hard. Especially not on those things they deem so very important. Boring blind hunters who push each other around like clods and hard bits in the toothpaste of life usually fall of the brush anyway. Hard bits who teach their kids the same, sometimes even in the name of the lord. Crazy jungle filled with Lions and Eagles.

My, oh my, What lords we make, what altars we pray to. Well, let’s see what happens when we all pay it forward. It might take a while before the energy does not get eaten by a jungle of kingdoms, currencies, taxes, specific isles and banking systems, for our system pulls on all sides.

Blinded our countries are, while the nations’ production capacity is swirled around the world creating great output yet this river of possibilities destroys aplenty at the same time. You are here to become. to go from human to angel. The system needs to be utilized to give freedom to humankind to be able to make this step. Freedom as in the triple trinity; when you see other humans as equal, and see all the humans are in one brotherhood, you will be free to go anywhere. Well, perhaps not literally unless you learn to see through all mechanics of our world. Yet when all people of earth are there, the base of the mechanics changes. Free to explore the holy trinity, the infinity trinity.

Thus, time to manage the stream! Easily said yet how do we go from the current regulations, where kingdoms are politically woven together, where the maze is law, the people give the pressure and heaven on earth is a sideline goal, to a world of peace and prosperity? Finally we can share food with all people, house everyone and school all children. Build great regulatory systems that give and make possible to give. Where we are safe, together. Where there is no natural disaster to fear nor does economical crisis, the new natural disaster, grow upon us. Where there is a planned motion actively supporting base income and plotting it out functionally. Where all countries follow a standard for the safety of the inhabitants actual well-being, allowing them to grow their positive actions slowly and steadily.

Ow, yeah, beggars cup. Probably better to build something for that. A small fund for some small solutions. So what do we do here? The willing one can always give in many ways; preferably share your food with someone. Or take some time to focus and shine, to ponder, to meditate, to cultivate your person. Be calm and happy, it allows you to enjoy what passes.

Optional buy some webspace (gives a % of the profit)

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Thou hast heard
nothing yet

Audio that gets deleted all the time. You probably missed most of it. It is for the better. Recordings, ramblings perhaps, not podcasts. Podcasts, Internet Radio Shows I guess, are great. They wrestle with my understanding so with their pace, clear subject focus and high entertainment value. Thus I write. Perhaps some of the songs will be made one day yet for now there is something else on the agenda.

Maybe you should not be on this page all in all. Because the mountain of the gods becomes from past lives where all have shown their muscle or thus their strong brain in this dog eat dog world. Because one should find an investor, in sheer trust of the good, and automate all production to replace most of mankind their jobs, which is good! Yet how brute are we now. How shall we see peace, a great planet and a loving mankind? It is hard to trust our own systems. Perhaps some oversight can help mind the gap.

Thus the goal is to focus on the workgroups that can map our tribe along the next coming 50 billion humans. Starting with 8 billion humans in around 300 countries, all needing providence yet also sewerage and passports. Much ado, much todo. Next to that this is just the almoners page:

Your best option still: go nowhere and do nothing, until you can be calm from within. You will see, for the first time maybe, it’s already always been there, in all and everything around you. Go outside your door and see the love.

or just stay where you are.

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