The prophet paradox

Why the Earth has plenty of wisdom from Sages yet fights still.

1. Communication and the prophet paradox.

When we communicate about the logic that created all, from light, the message about the logic is bent by default, away from the message’s intent. Instead of going through the ‘higher’ perspective of logic, it is routed via the ‘lower’ frame of reflection. Say, instead of parsing logically, we use our body, a frame formed from the light by logic that reflects outcomes. We think we need to do this, to give the message form. This weighs down the original message. During the growing stage of humanity where the principle of creation becomes a basic part of human understanding, just like horses are learning to walk, many weighed down explanations and the streams of energy around them are clashing upon each other. This keeps going until the frame of understanding itself is pushed out of chaos into harmony. This clashing is a result of what I call the prophet paradox. Where great sages, explaining of existence on that higher or logical level, for instance, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Christ and Mohammad can not maintain the gardens of life by themselves with mere instructions combined with a life time of activities, humankind needs to do this, together. However, we are not close to the light of creation, we sink further and further away, until our formative frame has the capability to bring us forward, to a time where we all understand life. Why then, do we fight amongst ourselves, even between followers of the teachings about the light from which all is made?

2 Weight, clay, logic and light.

People are beings born with weight. Let me explain what that means, from a logical perspective; The logic allows a stream of vibrations, rays of light, to interact and one of the main principles in this interaction is attraction, a positive guide for the exchange of the vibrations that form the whole stream of light all together. The constant forward stream of light is always moving, one could say sideways, which might seem up and down the frame of positivity. This is due to that attraction principle, and is in our view below the logical view, pulling or pushing the elements around and thus within us. From a logical view, the attraction is responsible for almost everything we encounter.Weight means that the force of attraction is upon all forms, pulling and pushing these forms, from which we make our own image, feelings, that steer actions along the days in which form grows, from very few cells to many. Larger groups such as countries or shared opinions grow as well, yet our own form is in the midst of all of this. This all happens whilst the forms itself, often, is a collection of many functions, with which it can recognize its own and other sets of vibrations, growing in an endless flow. To put it otherwise, these forms are grouped sets of vibrations bound with logical functions that mostly steer with their own reflective state. Cats that care about the smell of mice, Dogs that get excited by birds and man being the one child of all of the logic that can learn to see beyond the reflective state. This is where we are in a cave, seeing merely the shadows on the wall, or beneath the water, staring at the glass of an aquarium instead of what is actually moving in the stream of life. To get past this so-called weight one needs to surpass the basic functions and own their own directive, yet all the instructions around this will be weighed down, stuck in the glass or lost in the shade. All of this being references to seeing with light and logic, or weight and clay. In words, which are already part of the latter.

3. Into the fray.

The weight is pulling all of our being, and all beings we witness, yet with the function attention we stay afloat. This attention function is both our friend and enemy, until we master it. Every form has its own need for usage of attention, the frog sees only things that move and the bat can see sonic reflections. The more you see, the more distracted one can get, weighing one down.The prophet paradox comes to be due to the fact that there is no weight in the actual programming, yet streams pull everything into what seems the most functional direction, even the teachings of sages. The highest state of functions is not moved by the world around, the form moves itself from within. For humans often most clearly visualized in great success by focused athletes and artists, next to a whole string of sages. This paradox reaches its height when man weighs down the message, whilst keeping it as bright as possible, and secures it’s content with strict rules. Then the groups of humans, often already fighting each other, pull the teachings and rules they made around them, into their own battles. Levying taxes in the name of, conquering nations in the name of and last but not least, killing in the name of an already bent down frame of logic and light.Man who is parsing this communication via their own reflective state, filled with memories floating around their understanding, needed both purity of the form of the lessons, or steps to insight. Yet it is tainted by the local reflective state, yet due to man’s reflective state’s uptake, the conveyor of the message, as well as a language and form of the message need to have a shape the beings can understand. The words and message will, in a moving subset of the logic that generated the understanding, always be tarnished by the local understanding, the parsing of the local set, say the influence of the current state of the world around man. Therefore the highest classification of conversational quality is purity, yet it is bent towards the need of man if that time, often thought as the prophet, or the works (books, rituals, rules and practices) that come forth from the explanations, rather than the intention of the message. Thus, to convey, to communicate, the message must be pure, yet bent towards the listener, never allowing one to truly convey the message of the actual logic that created man. The messages are there to help further the understanding of man towards the programming of life, so they may rule their world together and grow as beings in their evolution towards what we would here call heaven on Earth. In this near endless cycle you would think we have learned from the past and are at least able to overcome this problem yet step by step understanding of heavenly life leaves us and ends up in oppression, supported with ever improving technology. To have more saints or even sages seems an option yet little change did this bring during the last stretch of time. Where then did we lose it?

4. Prophet Competition

Enter prophet competition, chaos driven success as a fallacy, a fork of logical development, pitching pyramids of development within the same code against each other, a result of the degree of freedom in everything and thus even streaming through the prophet paradox, giving us in a growing stage of understanding, brutal clashes between groups of beings. Breaking through the paradox would lead to peace. Which could be called the paradise paradox, for when the prophetic knowledge would be understood, there would be no suffering and we would be creating paradise. Not a relative paradise where man fights in a divided world, and then writes entertaining stories on it, a paradise where all create along a divine path of positive attraction. Whilst light and logic are always on top, love is our main classifier for positive allocation of attraction, which is essentially a forwarding element of the development of consciousness. The prophet aids the ability to see above the eye and the results of selection on basis of attraction, which by its raw self makes the world of forms, the flesh world or formative world, as the clay or Earth from which the beings grow is called. To have success, as mankind, in our development towards clear understanding, say heaven on Earth, does not depend on prophets, it depends mostly on the groupings of people working together. To break through the prophet paradox, we must unite our understanding.

5. Into the light.

Where the stream of life always moves forward, the goal for every living thing, every string of light, is to go up, towards the light in the center. When executing functions that work well, they align with either pulling left or right in the stream, yet always also with the base principle of going up. The more a song, a book, a movie, a dish or a tool is touching the hearts of the people, the longer it stays alive. Where all of our creations are birthed via us, in the same stream, from the same code, all have some degree of divine direction in them. To truly create from within, to ascend the stream, is a whole new level of functionality that often only comes to those who escape the flow. The world of the form will always grab us, we need it too, as a base. What we can do is make our lives steady, with good connections and start moving up. The great sages their teachings are there to help with this.To pass over that river, that stream that pulls all, and become an angel, one needs to stop blindly engaging with the stream and see from within where to go. Born with a lot of weight in a wild river, the light can be dim, snaked away, or even outside our vision or control. The positive connections, the ladders, are many, yet what is what and what leads where can be hard, if not impossible, to see when looking with memories. Sages, teachings and the religions that follow them try to safeguard us from the snakes and help us up the ladders. Simply put, one needs to break free from the lower triangle of actions, feelings and the idea of being that those two generate. By seeing what makes these actions and thus feelings. Become ruler of your own domain, inside of yourself. The higher triangle of understanding, viewing and connecting makes the lower triangle. May you be the light, and your light be with others. However paradoxal this might be, one needs to carry the weight of the times in which one is born whilst walking up the mountain towards the heavens. When we learn to see that the weight consists of each other’s burdens, our greatest effort will not be just a personal reward, our species’ development that will then make great steps forward.

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