Until the end of times and back again!

Let it be? Going to change this world forever! Until the end of times and back again! Let what be? Where I vouch to change the world forever. Not going to let this be, no matter what system angel tells me that everyone is on their way, no matter what demigod or diva says I need to choose a side, no matter how messed up this seems for many a human, when I say “the world is perfect you need to learn to see it” and then follow up with “I am changing this world for the better forever” which is considered hacking the matrix from within. Be it pigeons or eagles, be it shrubberies or trees, be it bees in a beehive or wasps in a wasp nest, the frog who plays with all below or the cat staring at the river Styx, I am Thor the bear -a story reference-, the lover of honey -a endless spring reference, where the flowers bloom in the garden of god, managed by the shepherd’s dogs, the bees in the beehive, No matter what you believe in, I am going to seed a frame in the hearts of people and the minds to come that will build temple-kibbutz-mosques-monastery-moshav settlements where anyone will dare to go and everyone is happy with the saints orange gardens and projects that can be done there, of which one will be stimulate 300 to 500 countries to get the same rule and passports everywhere. Hallelujah. Another project is to teach how to live in paradise forever, which will lead to me living forever, until the end of time and back again, which is -those who make multiverses know- such a long period you cant even call it time anymore, yet allows to uphold the good vibes during the next kali yuga too. Thus; Forward, Awesome! Until the end of times and back again!

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