Let it be? Just you try letting it be.

Let it be? Everyone changes the world a little bit. Some more than others yet all change the world a little bit.
Just you try letting it be.

where there are always two sides of a line, music industry and artistry came to be on a level that did not exist, a handful of troubadours maybe, half musicians, half journalists, talks about letting it be, and many more micro bibles that sell as songs, mankind made incredible damage possible at the same time. Just like the enlightenment that lead to the cracks that broke much of Europe and the world between 1900 and 2000. For the better, Forward! Awesome! It is personal, only one by themselves can let everything around them be, which is definitely the opposite of being a popular artist. So from when we are born we all change the world a little bit. Some a lot, which lasts for hundreds of years, some a little, lasting for thousands of years. And more of those variations on a variation. If you manage to let it all be, it could be forever. The goal is always to unlock the holy spirit, which requires one to look inside, either by many lives of reflection upon ones actions or by actually trying to control oneself from moving at all and thus seeing the code. Let it be.

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