Colour for Matter

Y’all screwed.

Either that, or twisted, it seems. It’s not about the demographics of America being so.. black and white. Though that is also quite the painstaking development. It wasn’t about your body. Nor is it about preferences or abilities. It’s about Saints, stars and stripes. Or if one wants to show their true colors, wear a smile; not a flag, a logo or a slogan. Yet you are always be free to execute functions as you see fit, who am I to tell you what to do. Well, I don’t, I’m just telling you what I see.

Where we have forgotten what it is to be a living soul, and what it is to be in one world made by God, where we all work, every day, every second, on the development of consciousness, until we enter Kingdom God. And there still we keep working, until one day, all have found their way home; Malkut, a kingdom without borders. Yet now we worry about the small stuff. A darkened time towards the Truth of being in a light based, computational or logical programming, where the divine has always been heaven and the good life, living good as in dhamma, always leads there. Where not killing, lying and stealing became less and less of a rule and more and more a ruled domain. Where the animal in us, with fear and power, or violence, abuses logical constructions to blind our lost tribe. Abusing groups of followers, flocks, for positions rather than being concerned with peace. We even have fun tele-vision shows on how the formative side and the soul side are entangled, songs about heaven and how to not be rolling down the hill yet vision is far away indeed, nobody sees what is hiding in plain sight. Lest be that we would know what to do if we did.

A country gives you safety within its borders, yet it also makes and needs a divided world to exist. Most often, even in the name of freedom, flags have always been the tool of oppression. These widespread fluttering emblems that are now in their final stages of forming a “ring to bind em all” get both love and hate. We all pray like an eagle upon “our” freedom, and hail religions instead of understanding their teachings. This whilst the soul is a rainbow of light, the positive core of our motion. Where napoleon gave people names, seeking Liberty, equality and freedom for all, and perhaps a bit of an egocentric wardrive, the struggle between the black and white threading of our yin yang world is ancient and the kingdoms’ and states’ inhabitants blind following never falters to amaze. Well, who teaches you anyways? We have forgotten so much, we, the people, the humans. We fight for justice yet already can’t figure out society.

We are screwed? Who? What? No worries, heaven will wait forever and ever and we can fix our current turmoil based imperial entrapment for the better. Let’s try to open our wisdom eye from the outside. Take the flag of the country I was currently born in; Red for the people, the strength, the base; white as the purity, the divine, the non party or not dirty and blue for the royal, the rulers. Every province here has a flag for themselves and many flags will have lions, for ye arth in a big jungle where the lions rule, and the eastern provinces have some kind of black eagle as their dominant lover image. Well, lions and justice, ain’t it an everlasting tale? Because we all want a fair world, no, wait, some of us want a fair world, the rest wants to hunt and rule. Back to the flag.

Let me go for some mr wikipage knowledge and comments: (which is a disclaimer meaning this will be messy, badly researched and a lot of wikipedia quotes. Not even fit for homework assignments. Lest be that we could take any startingpoint, I’m just starting close to my current home, and to be honest, this is a fierce stable of lions and lionesses, moving a lot of the world around, a great part of the river of life and growing consciousness)

In 1568 the band-together provinces of the Low Countries (The Netherlands, Europe) revolted against the Spanish tyrants and William Prince of Orange (1533–1584) placed himself at the head of the rebels. His name don’t mean oranges, no. The “Prince his Place” or principality named (pronounce it like a French person) “Orange” is located in the south of France and has been a principality in the hands of the House of Chalon since 1163.

Too difficult don’t read:  These so called “houses” are very important, throughout Europe and history of the evolution of the heavens, for namesake and ownership have been the cornerstone of development. The “houses” would deliver all people tied into politics, dukes, counts and so on. It makes one feel as if it comes from a time where many people did not have houses themselves and those who are able shall rule.

Yet it even cuts deeper. They have houses, the people have just no idea what saviour means. To reach the heavens one needs good connections from many lives being remembered, thus one can imagine that once discovering this, it becomes a monopoly quickly. One cannot fight what one cannot kill, and as long as those who live forever fight each other, everyone suffers. From King Herod and Jesus onwards, the process around the developing knowledge keeps hiding the truth, where empires from the North and South fight each other and no mortal can understand how deep it cuts into our world.

How current political stress comes from the same old agenda’s becomes completely invisible, where there is no need for a soul to worry about which side it fights for, be it the Celtic-Viking Brotherhood, the Ottoman-Arab League, lone wolves and endless rich babylonians or many a priest of baal, most just have the need for the yin yang to keep moving. A simple black and white vision, this yin yang, which keeps moving and improving, where we go from Krishna to Christ and from vikings to Alexander the Great and Muhammad, always opening the way to Walhalla for others.

Yet one can wonder if we were ever freed from the pyramid (demi)gods by Mozes and if the new king Jesus was not just taken for a run by a few hundredthousand year old rulers of wisdom. How does this all work? Though too much wondering can mislead us. Little we can do about the past, perhaps change the future. We are all still waiting, for something that comes from within ourselves. On with the flag story.

This house of Chalon is also where the motto ‘Je maintiendrai’ (I’m still standing) and the hunting horn come from, which is still in the arms of the House of Orange. The principality of “Orange” was absorbed into France in the 18th century, of course, Napoleon seized it all.

Note for the worried: do not be upset! The code that makes this world, God’s endless yet bobbing mandala, is perfect. That you fight for your family, for your oxygen, is the same as a royal household fighting for survival between the other royally fubar managers of life at that time. Let us get past the bhagavad gita times and not become crazed aztecs, stop the hate, stop the blaming game, start the endless spring, the hight fluctuation of love and lighttime is here, finally here, where all can read, learn, share and we can start to understand and spread love. On to the mind age! Yet first.. Back to the flag. Flags with stripes that are all of us, below a small triangle of stars, heaven, on top of a pyramid. The way it has been for a long time, because of the way things work, a way we are changing for the better. God’s great plan perhaps, one world under God, which now has many countries, factories and endless grinding gears that create suffering. Not many folks think about it, either they fight for their culture, country, religion or business yet how then will this bring us paradise? In God we trust, yet we humans need to make that future. Poems are nice, songs are sweet yet providence we need. It leads to prosperity, not just a peak of profit, and shared prosperity leads to peace. We can do this!

Public acceptance and widespread usage of the colours orange, white and blue were kickstarted with the servants’ dresses of William when he started the public saviour thing in the siege of Leiden in 1574, where his officers wore orange-white-blue brassards. You know, those sleeve things that military personnel sometimes wear to distinguish between parties or levels (and you see in Japanese cartoons when class presidents are going wild).

So there the red of the flag becomes a little more pure, free. With a great or brilliant notice of the house of orange woven through it. Instead of a pennant, a ribbon above the flag, the whole of the provinces shall belong to the house of Orange. Plenty of skirmishes have happened afterwards between royalists and several freedom fighters yet one can not fight the flow of the river of life. Lets not forget that in many a country there is only white and red; you can dream of blue, yet becoming part of the royal family is the much alike becoming an alien. Perhaps you can marry into it and make babies, just like chess is often slaughtering all for the king, yet there can be a pawn becoming a queen.

Thus, Orange! Now all the people can be rich bitches, well, some of em. The Netherlands was born there, many provinces allowing trade and dividends for non Royal lineages. A bit more… pure. Perhaps they could have removed the blue, you would think, yet hey, it’s what we got. Not only is it what we have, our ability to survive in the wild forest of life, the endless jungle, has long needed fat on the swine to survive, and more such comparisons to point at capital, as well as rotting leaves below the canopy. High above the shrubberies, taking much of the light. And as in all of nature, this keeps bashing until a minimal frame of balance is found. Where suddenly there is not a lemon tree, nor an endless field of strawberries, no, suddenly there comes along a stand-fast orange tree, bringing some diversity along a long time of blind brutality. Still a tree, meaning lions in a jungle, yet a step towards freedom for all. Thus orange! Fun factoid: the Nazis did that too, making the red of the Dutch flag orange. Fun, for in my view, fighting for justice is fighting the wrong fight; go and share what you do have and can make, yet there is always a way to disagree and always someone willing to fight. Screwed up no? Well, it’s what we have, let’s make it awesome. Back to the story.

Well, this has been going on for a long time, kingdoms forming a blind pyramid of sheep to be herded, that by themselves keep the pyramid safe is an ancient thing. From Chinese Emperors to Egyptian Gods, the secrets of life and the workings of what we would now call the universe, multiverse or cosmos, are not easy to engage with. Or were not. William of Orange was part of the lions in this kingdom, yet like Simba, a rebel, towards the Spanish Empire and towards the catholic empire. Yet he was still in lieu with and of course somewhere along the line from a rich European group of families. One can jump into the future, yet not without legs. There this set of colors was already used, the young man made his own version when moving up the ladder as trade general of the marshes. The rebellion was neccesary, alike napoleon’s, yet all in all a jest of course, dapper trails and all we have, in a turmoil we make ourselves.

For we feel proud of ourselves with the splashes onto one of the ships, with politics as an example; hundreds of millions of souls are buzzing for many reasons for many years. Yet the river of life stays the same, where there is always an orange one, and the sad demographics would like to say: new now on average a bit less of an old rich white man; it mixed with an old rich black man. Where there would be no need for colour distinction… Thus two old rich men, or families, fighting for the use of the people, perhaps even for their namesake. It’s not me, it’s what we’ve got.

Good, time to make the world whole. Slowly we could, and are trying to, progress, towards the nonsexual frame, and one day the danger of youth may pop up (e.g. any age, gender or look) yet the question is… Will it once be visual that the core of the problem lies in (thus not in male or female, not in old or young, not in rich nor poor and not in differences in ethnicity, it lies in) small groups using large groups, binding all people, in blindness. It’s been going for a while and won’t change easily as we train or children to do the same, fight hard! And it isn’t wrong to give it your all. The problem lies in the blind abuse of use of systems, or in short: blindsidedness. Protestare! Open the vision. Yet what is in a humans mind? Today? Tomorrow? Groceries? Wild news? History? Flags? All of that. Now how do we get it out, or less blinding? Perhaps understanding and acceptance can help. Some focus exercises, like meditation or prayer. Though here, let’s move on with the flags.

 “The first known full color depiction of the flag appeared in 1575. In Ghent in 1577, William was welcomed with a number of theatrical allegories represented by a young girl wearing orange, blue and white. “

So much history just does not exist. That which is noted and shared might. That which is sung about might. We have never been so free towards heaven as we are now. Let’s keep at it till we have heaven on Earth.

“The first explicit reference to a naval flag in these colours is found in the ordonnances of the Admiralty of Zeeland, dated 1587, i.e. shortly after William’s death.”

Opinions differ. VOC, WIC and more boats all carried red white blue. Protection then too. The prince his friends ships perhaps carried his flag. The Belgium rebels, that we here called de Geuzen, supported the Orange in the flag, of course.

“The colour combination of orange, white, and blue is commonly considered the first Dutch flag. The 400th anniversary of the introduction of the Dutch flag was commemorated in the Netherlands by the issue of a postage stamp in 1972. That was based on the fact that in 1572 the Watergeuzen (Gueux de mer, “Sea Beggars”), the pro-Dutch privateers, captured Den Briel in name of William, Prince of Orange. However, it is uncertain whether they took an orange-white-blue flag with them on the event, although they certainly started using an orange-white-blue tricolour somewhat later in the 1570s. “

This is where the rebellion is at its height. The flag was definitely already red white and blue before ánd after yet the history around the time of rebellion knows little else. Here the Dutch fight under the house of Orange to free themselves from the Spanish, their Inquisition and the papal trade restrictions. Just like we remember from the slogans of Napoleon, freedom is sought after, always.

“It became later known as the Prinsenvlag (“Prince’s flag”) and served as the basis for the former South African flag, the flags of New York City and the Flag of Albany, New York, all three former dominions of the Dutch Republic.”

There are more countries liking our concept. Red, white and blue becomes a worldwide thing. The whole of “the enemy” (royalists and loyalists) and “the free people” have no idea how long this has been going on and it’s.. just like politics. Prep yourself, we have made the whole world buy more weapons. So many countries fought for freedom. Free people don’t need to have many of their tribe working with weapons, and to be honest, there ain’t nothin to fight but ourselves…

“Red as replacement for orange appeared as early as 1596, but more often after about 1630, as indicated by paintings of that time. It has been suggested that this was due to the orange dye used tending to fade to red over time. It appears that prior to 1664, the red-white-blue tricolour was commonly known as the “Flag of Holland” (Hollandsche Vlag); named after one of the revolting provinces. In 1664, the States of Zeeland, one of the other revolting provinces, complained about this, and a resolution of the States-General introduced the name “States Flag” (Statenvlag).”

Yeay freedom! Yet of course only for the party members, thus the rest revolted. The province of Holland had a good (trade) position towards and over the other 6, and was holding the legislative chapter among the seven provinces of the low countries, which was hurtful for some other provinces in many ways. Still now many a person will call this whole country after the province Holland. Yet boats sailed and folks knew us as that flag. Hoorah hoorah Holland. America first? The Netherlands were already there before current teams began playing.

“The Dutch navy between 1588 and 1630 always displayed the Prince’s Flag, and after 1663 always the States Flag, with both flag variants being in use during the period of 1630–1662.”

Which is in a time that the Dutch provinces have just become a republic of states, banded together by external pressure. Revolution happens even within the country and the orange-white-blue flag gets outlawed. The Batavian Republic brings yet more reforms. All times are rebel times! Yet often we just see money fight money in a time of ongoing repression of the people of this world. Which is of course ongoing. 

Where the Dutch are fighting the aristocratic rule, they become French commonwealth. All Republican efforts cease when Napoleon sets yet another trade nation straight, or narrow, at least all the generals and royalists are having fun with their world cup it seems. Boats are sailing, treasure chests get filled and soldiers paid. Little furthering of understanding whatsoever, mainly rich traders playing cards like on the cover of a rap artists album, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of ‘civilians’. Children, all of em. The period mentioned above was brutal, holding slaves was normal all over the world -dont lose a war, for like aztecs we all were, and carrying weapons and the need therefore was normal too. The catholic empire tries to make a change, yet does it? The Prince of Orange was a start, Napoleon was a start, America was a start, none have freed the people. Ever since the jerusalem temple we’ve been waiting people, let’s make something awesome happen, without war.

“The red-white-blue triband flag as used in the 17th century is said to have influenced the seminal Russian flag and the French flag.”

Well, so far for the lion next to justice. The whole world is still red and blue instead of purple. We need some orange-yellow in this mix, as the sun glares over a tibetan mountain, perhaps some green. Perhaps it’s too soon. Let us slowly move the mountains of peace into one.

Here a new old flag for the old new people: 

Can you see beyond your opinion

Not only to state that it is time to become kings of the sea of life with all of mankind, it is also red, white and blue all over the place. Spin it round real fast for a surprise. Perhaps use a rainbow flag, you would say, or the Polish flag, just Jesus, or the pope, and the people or perhaps something more earthy like Jamaica. Keep on waving them flags until you see the logic behind it. Keep throwing logos around until you break free and find the Logos inside of you.

Perhaps then, when time has moved on the clock of God, all flags become just happy and bright, for fun and good times sakes, say a yellow and orange flag with a lighting spirit in the middle.

Or just a world without flags.

This world is like a forest, a jungle, where we all hunt attention in unawareness. Thus Lions and balance is what we have as our legs to jump with. Into a future where the 300 to 500 countries that come to be in the next few thousand years are all regulated by the same minimal functional frame of governmental utilities. This will need us to work via the United Nations, with all the presidents and corporations, who are often like snakes and dragons, until we have all become aware. Which is difficult, smacking your kid with a holy book is not going to make anyone aware of anything else than the usage of violence. 

Never mind the book, the group, the loyalty or royalty; the holy code means the same. Be awesome, Give some awe. Lets work towards a future where we can see mankind as one race, where the soul in your being is what you seek to grow. Resulting in more divine creation, more positive stimulation and in the end this means no lost children anywhere in the world.

I’ll be working on a number of workgroups that can bring us closer towards heaven on Earth, following the Triple Trinity. May you be with peace, and the beings around you happy.

Everybody wants to rule the people; Everyone wants to be free

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