holy baseball

Enter Holy Baseball, a simple explanation about heaven and the outer path.

By which I do not mean the actual sport baseball, it is, like much in our world, a great representation of the way the heavens are built. One might even imagine that this sport was built by saints.

Everyone is part of holy baseball. We are either on our way to the stadium, part of the crowd of onlookers or we are playing on the field.

Many players have been born again, one could say they are Masters of Time. Not all players, some are still on their way to make their soul shine. In the same way some of the stadium owners and the MLB (Major League of Baseball) are Masters of their Universe. The people on their way to the stadium are the flock of believers and the crowd of onlookers are the dedicated believers or priests of life and those closer to the energy of God, who are all on their way to one day play on the field.

Don’t forget, we are making an image of our world and heaven, using baseball, this is not literally about baseball, though in some way it is, and this you will find everywhere in life.

We are all part of the same family. Our soul has gone to heaven, the last time when there was heaven on earth, and has managed to fall down to where it is now. This path towards the heavens is not an easy path, and can take many souls a very long time before they get there. Especially because they are not playing, not in the crowd or not even aware of the game. When people become aware, they might start moving towards a stadium or batting cage and some might try to find a team with whom they can cross that barrier between heaven and earth.

Even when in the stadium, in the valley of the Lord, it might take some time before someone joins a team that can play on the field. Sometimes one can get a job as a referee, sometimes one can get hired by the MLB, there are many roads that lead to the home plate. Many people are pitching, many are practicing in batting cages.

What does it mean? To hit that baseball, means you will see yourself be reborn, you actively pass-over when you die. From there you would need to do this at least four successful times to reach the home plate and become as the living God. One can also hit a home-run, and ascend. That is what this, the days of our lives, is actually about. Luckily we have many good adventures and great lives, allowing many a person to move up along the road to heaven, every life.

Even when you have played in a good team, it might take some time before you get to hit that ball again. Meaning that some lives might go by without you getting to score a hit or moving forward a base. A home-run is possible for anyone. Yet to get a home run, you must start batting. Heavenly baseball is not a game of just waiting on the base-plate until someone hits that ball, you need to make this happen yourself.

Why you might ask? It is much like learning to walk. Your parents might help you by showing you all the time that walking is awesome, unaware of the incredible distance they cross, and even try to get you up, yet the muscle that you need to build to be able to walk is something that you need to do by yourself.

Where playing with a team is always the case, already now you are playing within a society, with friends and family backing you. Many people change teams through the years. Whilst you grow your muscle, and sometimes fall and cry, there are your friends and family who help you back up. Sometimes we get angry or upset and sometimes we walk real far away from the stadium, yet the game never stops, and the only way is up, up the scoreboard, through the bases, to come home.

Home to the logic with which God built all. Follow the logic. Follow your heart.

disclaimerrrr: this is a story, about the outer path. To overcome all and learn to see the world from within there is also the inner path. For that, we have temples and religions.

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