My God Is Awesome

welcome back

And then there were thousands of years of destruction and blindness. Great to be in a community on top, is it not? Now lets get everyone there. Where now we stand upon the graves of billions, with an army in every country and poverty in all cities. People making our rockets and rocket shields, our clothes and food, which is great, making and giving keeps us alive, yet many are being held against their will, unable to leave their country, love their job or feel safe. Where people are held like sheep and sheep like coals, all unable to escape the tyranny of dragons that we all together feed, blindly. Children like all, unable to become, not awesome. We often look away. Accept that we have it, and lets bring a change. In a world that is running that needs nothing, bringing change to the way we make stars shine, in endless contingencies is not easy. Yet change has begun!

Stay happy! Stay calm. We will make it all awesome.
together. forever.

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