The Grand Prize

Distractions and attractions are the dangers yet also make the road itself exist. to get a perfect score might be difficult, yet everyone paints a different picture of which many would win the label perfection in the many different eyes out there. Eventually everyone finishes the race and comes home to the logic that they were created with. driving between the others is worthwhile, called the outer path, or right pathway, many days of good adventures are awaiting you. try not to bump. which means do not steal, lie or kill, ever, even in your mind, or the hill will become steeper. One would think there are shortcuts, the inner path or the left pathway, one could see this as a shortcut, yet the path is so hard, the hill is so very steep that it is a difficult route, and it often takes longer! Especially nowadays with our endlessly filled roads, it is hard to get up that mountain slope. On top there is nothing you can find. Perhaps the best thing ever, for the rest is always moving. It might take you some time to figure this out, even when in you have been reborn a number of times, what the value of peace and calmness actually is.

Keep on driving.

Inside Out

Thus, this whole world is up side down, or rather, holding what they see, outside, in their mind as if it is inside. Instead of ruling their own world putting their inside out. everytime we race, living a full human life that means, however long, we try to fully get our inside out. or perhaps we try to get the outside, outside.

whether one chooses the right, outer path, or the left, inner path, one reaches the some goal. the same prize is won at the end of the race and the same rules apply.

However, on the right path, one often does not care about the rules. only about the score. Good that the same rules apply, only the positive score gets a win. The left path needs one to look inside at their own programming and master anything that attracts or distracts, by not engaging with it. It is definitely not a shortcut, it is the steepest and most direct path up. few manage to cross the bridge on top where they must absail to passover the boundary between being and becoming. between flesh and spirit. the road is tricky and many lie to themselves on the way, always trying to stick to their path hilst they have already set foot on the right path . put stickers on their windows or all over the car, opinions. They study the world around them and publish, books just like you are reading now. Clearly they are on the outer pathway, sometimes without knowing it.

If one wants to follow the left path, one needs to get back on track. First we need to clean the car, inside and out, and get back into the drivers seat.

The outer path however, swirls around the mountain in many ways, endless small roads and little pathways, always going up. many, many small prizes are won and much more great experiences and friends come along. an incredibly rich and rewarding experience.

The inner path makes your car so clean that you become a friend to all. clean and all loving logic; you become. You pass over the edge of the flesh and become as pure as the creation that fathers all of existence. From thereon you can practice further the ability to hold all of the creation around you in your own view, you become like the God that makes his own world; the Logos.

For this, be it done on the left or the right path, one needs pass over from the world of flesh into the world of spirit. To do the God ritual and decouple from all pillars on which you stand and learn to walk free, as the code that made you. Coming home to the logic within ourselves is a difficult thing to do. Opinions and many feelings hold us back. Many people die a few times before they then and there see themselves pass over.

Never forget, you are the logic, binding the light.
You are Awesome and being loved.

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