The Rat Race

Greatness! Bliss! Grace! Welcome to Earth! You have been born and was fed with care. Much much care. Care and thus love. You were nurtured by your caretakers and soon learned to walk. Now you can read -or listen to someone or thing reading this- and have most likely been driving your car along others for some years now.

Your skull has been ridgedly set and nobody taught you about the energy flow of the adam and eve inside of you, nor did anyone explain that there is divine energy inside, above and around you. Perhaps you have been competing with everyone around you for various causes, winning various prizes even. Racing through the days, the people and adventures, wildly.

Most kids are looking for something fun to do, or a way to repeat the fun they had. The need to develop already lies within us, like the layout of the leaves of a plant are already in the seed, we have not only our container, also what we fill it with pulls us to find joy in learning -mostly about that what makes us feel good- and when we grow older we need to hunt, unless our world has already become awesome, and we will be seeking hunting grounds, a cave and things for things. Which might be us thinking about a big house, or a tiny one, doubting between a car and a cargo bike, this or that city, a job or a career; there might be many things on your pathway that keep you busy. Whilst you might move from the one set of people to the other or not, you will always be .. in the rat race.

In the future, healing is not done with medicine, it is done by balancing the adam and the eve, the ida and pingala, which you can see as the snakes on the staff of medicine that you see at an apothecary, they represent the tree of life and the tree of knowledge that run through our bodies. By making sure that you have enough prana – say chi, essence or life energy- flowing through you. To be able to live forever you need to cultivate this energy properly and make it flow round and round. Nowadays we spend our energy, on the most ridiculous things, and do not know how to get it back. Once we have reached form, around the age of 21, the body starts to eat itself if there is not enough energy to go around. Lets just say it again: Welcome to the age of Aquarius.

Yet we all grow from the clay, the earth. Needing to cultivate this being that grows through stages to find the energy and learn to maintain it. You might not have been born in a community where great teachers brought the light that your parents are still carrying, making everyone 21 forever. No need to worry, one day you will be born there too. For now you are on your way, and you have even managed to get your hands on this driving manual. Perhaps you are interested in the other cars or drivers, or even crashing into them. much alike trees and puppies, we have incredible drive to grow. luckily we can move around. Where most plants have to stay put, you can move around. Luckily you don’t have to mark and defend a whole route in the city, like a puppy thinks it must. Many people are still on their way, actually almost all people around you are on their way. Some growing strong like a tree and some fluttering like a butterfly. And some, just like a puppy, lightly biting, barking and marking.

As we have seen before, everything is looking for love, for the positive allocation in life. The essence of life, the result of light and logic that feeds all. Be it plants that grow to the sun, animals hunting for food or safety, or a child trying to get love from its environment. When a human grows, they go, to keep it simple, through three phases: to have fun, to have joy and to have happiness. The child, you, grows, like intended, it explores anything, and the good things stick. Will someone laugh or give attention to behavior? it gets repeated. Is the kid bored? It will try to get engagement in any way possible. It can even grow into a bit of a bastard, hunting anything we have taught, and anything learned, that rewards. In the time that follows, the map starts to grow, the child seeks engagement on a larger base, to play with toys that allow interaction on a higher level. Just like it wanted to make sounds when adults were speaking and started to try to walk as everyone else was, the child will want to join the table, the community and will seek options to engage with others. Instead of just having fun by itself and puzzling about, it now starts to engage with the joy of life, sharing the fun gives more love. This phase allows the child to grow further and the different engagements, playing, eating, learning move the body into the next phase. Here we start to get a form that allows us to partake in happiness, where we can channel our energy into the world and get even more love back. The form of the human, as mentioned has been programmed well, and a lot of energy will start surging along the bottom channel that is formed first. From here we spend a number of years developing all the elements of our programming until the full library is available to us. Many are not aware about this and sometimes suffer this path in which we grow.

Don’t forget, if you laugh, walk, talk; the child copies anything. Like anything, we are hunting love, the unpleasant things get cried at, good things repeated. During the first two phases we learn to deal with negative impacts, or not. We still play a lot with our own experience with the thing around us yet after a number of years, often around 7 we have changed our fun into joy, exploring toys and actions that connect to the world and the other people. the phase of learning to play together never stops yet by the time hormones come, the whole of playing gets diverted into the build of a physical functional form, that can channel the energy of the world around us through ourselves instead of through others. This starts at the bottom

every plant is different, every puppy is and so every child has their own form. With all the cars pulling and pushing on the road and parents who themselves are still learning to play together. often we start driving in the same direction, with, of course, the standard rebellious safety of your inner manu wanting to explore the road, the way home. Which sometimes means doing the opposite of our parents. Yet many appletrees grow next to each other and only sometimes seed is carried far away by a bird. wherever you grow, you will learn to have fun, will look for joy and then start working on your form. racing between all the other kids and adults to find a place to live and play. a place to work and eat. no longer are you exploring, no longer are you exploring no longer do you seek your inner manu. For now you are caught up in a rat race.

Enjoy the race. Drive that car.

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