Formula 9001

Because it is more exciting than formula 1 to win this race, well, sort of. You will be able to start to enjoy everything.

If there is a driver’s license and everyone is racing isn’t that going to be an incredibly crowded road?

Everyone is welcome in the house of the father, Heaven. And everyone, everything, is racing to get there. Look around you to see the endless and peaceful road, depending on in what life and where you are of course. The road might be very crowded yet that is not a problem at all, the parkour of the formula 9001 lies within yourself.

Now this sounds a lot more exciting then the Rat Race! Where do we start? How do we get there? To be able to see the route you need to have a clean window, not too many post-its with yesterdays notes on it. A clear back-seat with not too much fast food trash on it also helps to see what turns you can take and steer clearly. Maybe you will one day be able to take someone along too, when your car is clean, the journey will be much more enjoyable.

because it is you driving, the only person who makes decisions, is you. what you hear, and how you hear it, what you say, and how you say it, that is all you.

If you wish to see the road, stay calm, clean your car and have a look around you. Many, many cars are on their way, on many different levels of this race, you can see how people suffer hanging with the lower part of their system. They go happy-sad, and repeat this, hunting feelings that never satisfy them. Basically a trap. where many cars are bumping into each other, looking for answers whilst they should be forming their fun into joy, or even happiness.

Look at the road again, it is your road. You need to channel your passion and between all the others. The more genuine you can do this the more people will love it and the rewards will be endless. Clean your windows real good; your self-reflection might shock you, or your sticky-notes might distract you, and you will forget to stay calm enjoy the ride.

use what you have got. When you got that snare and play the tunes of passion, no matter what you make your friends and family will be there for you. Many more will join them once you start to give to the world, that what you can make and be. You will see, the whole world is your family, and being who you are in this life is the way up, by moving forward. Give, give it all, and get rewarded equally.

Take that chance, be it quitting that addiction, writing that song or making that product, do it in the good flow of your friends and family and feel the support bloom, you are on your way up, on the right track to win in this race.

A race where all win.

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