A License to Drive

This whole booklet is about learning to drive your car. Of course you have been doing nothing else than driving and learning to race through anything around you, every day, every year.

There is, technically, no need for anyone to learn to drive the car, after many a lifetime, there will come a day where you are in the driver-seat. Full on awake, Full on aware and ready to pass over at any moment yet not ready to leave that body. Perhaps you will become super-awesome and you just stay where you are.

Driving your car basically means driving through that rat race. Or out of it. To actually become the driver in the seat, one often needs to pass-over, to ascend, to become reborn. Where one realizes that shame is not a thing and that life is the best gift ever.

because many of us are on the way many people have just started driving themselves they will need to believe that it is possible to drive the race again next life in another body or ever without body at all. For that you need to reach a certain level. Being able to race without a car is what we call an angel or a master of the universe. this is the price one wins at the end of the race. after a lot of driving. to be able to go to the first stage of the race one might need to learn how this works. a bit like getting a drivers license, with some lessons, lots of teachers and no real exam other than real life testing it out. the lessons start when you start first you get form. play for fun which makes you grow and the system starts eating higher level fun which makes you grow even more, where in puberty there comes the shaping of your form, where you start learning how to regulate what pulls and pushes you on the road of life.

these seven years of forming are about happiness, which will only come as the result of actions you undertake. Learning to play with others gave you good energy and whilst forming, you managed to get your need for energy up from the low vibrations generated by the food and overcome the wild attraction of sexuality that can make one lose much energy.

The selfish part basically. Important for the form, it wishes to stay alive and therefor must eat, and to be able to have forms it must recreate, yet these are costly ways to manage one’s life-form all in all. In the years of growing form we learn to get the energy from the world around us, pulling our desires up, using the food we eat to be able to generate joy and learning how between the endless families we can create joy in others. This last step is where we start using our heart, to get good feelings and when we can share what we like, we get good vibes deep within ourselves.

When we are not able to share what we like we sometimes get disappointed, creating a negative vibration within, that we then often also share with the world around us. Because we, and many around us, are on our way, being a running reflection in action, without full understanding of this process, we often do not know why we like the things we like doing. Knowing that the energy comes from everywhere and that we hook into this with our actions, driven by our great form. makes us focus on the thing that works best for us. a bit like how we learn to start walking. In this case, using our form to connect to others is something we have also copied from the world around us yet it does not mean we really know how to drive or where we are driving to. sometimes people follow their lower programming much and end up not connecting to others at all. falling back into fun, rather than moving from joy to happiness. this often makes people sad, where they repeat the behavior that makes them happy, resulting in a spiral down; happy then sad, then happy, then sad. They end up consuming a lot instead of making and giving. Lest be that they can follow their heart, which many people would talk about, yet hopefully now, would understand.

the drive of the inner manu never leaves, our spirit is strong and is what delivers us the power to stay alive, the channeling of the essence that makes us withstand the world around us, gravity, wind, temperature, time and so on, comes from our ability to move love through ourselves. No matter how much friction it brings, people will always try to connect. When we are below the line, we are sometimes brutally harvesting attention from around us, something you would expect from a young child that is still learning how this works.

because you are on your way you were born in a specific place, you are a special person and your race is yours to ride. when you manage to move your inner energy from the lower fiery regions closer to the heart, you will find what we call passion. A strong desire to be part of that part of life that brings joy to everyone. Or you might even rise the heart up to the lord, inside of you, to your inner manu’s desire of becoming, wishing happiness for all, a way for all to share joy and live forevermore.

sometimes you are born in such a way that your passion is sheer compassion. one of the highest forms of being driven to connect positively. learning to channel your passion into the world around you are the drivers lessons. Channeling your drive is the exam, being able to channel your energy helps you race to the top of any mountain and before you know you might score that so called license.

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