Awesomes, Antowns, Ashrams

Just for the alliteration as I used to say Awesomes for all! (and often I call all of these places awesome), Villages for the calm and happy and of course the footprint and Ashrams for the very top of focus, the top of the path towards heaven.

And the other way around, for often one would go to an Awesome to get some structure, and maybe when wanting to grow outside of the regular normality one would move to the Village, the Antown :D, to have a great environment that is not decoupled from the world being Gods creation of light, (where our actual world is decoupled and mechanically thinks that going back into the bush will help us evolve, so many misconceptions..) where one would get bored with the regular normality in that village and one day start wishing to find a place for real deep meditation and move to an Ashram.

Something I have been thinking about a lot and would like to share somewhere, and hey, this seems a good place for it.

The concept is to build several places throughout our societies to support the understanding of the programming of life, or the pathway to the heavens. ’twill lighten the load on many a life, give people a place to go to on each level of their journey and in the end, make much energy available for the ‘greater good’.

The Ashram, is a monastery, a stupa! There people can truly heal their soul, and thus their body.

The Antowns, are villages in between the city and the ashram, a kibbutz. Here we work to heal the world, and get ourselves ‘back in line’ so we can heal ourselves.

The Awesomes, are in the city, a place where the lost souls are rescued and the dwellers can connect to the core again.

How does this look? It would be great to see an Awesome in every area where 100.000 people live. The awesome welcomes the youth, the Old folk, the normies and the spesjul people all together, to partake in social venues as they are. When the area lacks these venues, say sports facilities such as open tennis courts or public swimming pools yet also free yoga studio’s and meditation rooms, the Awesome allots budget to be applied to close the gap. One could say a YMCA without the YMC.

There is a nice YMCA in Cambridge that I have lived in that serves as a good example, it namely has a building with rooms that students rent, which takes care of part of the livelihood, and on the lower floor there are rooms that are rented by those who stay for a short term. Another building has floors for activities and sports, and a canteen, where on top there is a form of social housing for youngsters in need.

In my idea of the build of an awesome, there is all that. The students come and go, and so do the the people in social housing, which keeps the whole nice and fresh, instead of having people building the Awesome into their own castle. It is a place where you grow and go. I would add a layer for troubled souls, as you can often find with the Salvation Army, which allows them to partake in society as well, there will be plenty of jobs available and so free living space can be provided for homeless, who pay for it by working simple tasks such as cleaning, laundry or cooking.

In any case, the agenda is very clear, to steer mankind towards another path than they are on now. The awesome’s can all be different, there is a fund that supports them, which is supported by those that support this evolution towards the promised land. Just like the churches funding the good, and where Buddhism has a great financial system of support too, actually most great elements of the hierarchy of things have, even countries, and it is always just outside of the eye of the masses. Maybe it needs to be a DAO, where every instance (awesome, village or ashram) has its own reserve, yet how do you manage financial security over time, when you always need to pay for the use of land? Let us arrange a focus group for this, virtually. So much to do, let me first explain why and where we go, before we end up endlessly looking for the promised land on different sides and fighting each other over earthly squabbles.

Or rather, we should allow ourselves to grow the path that we have now into another level, from the electrical age, into the age of the mind. By all knowing what the programming of life is, we can free ourselves from the contemporary entrapments that ownership and desire are making. Our minds, are filled with nonsense and we keep embroidering our children with it until endless factories brew the death of our freedom straight into our veins. Fret not, savior comes every so many (hundreds or thousands) of years, and sometimes it just takes the whole of bling and news to wither in its own dust for thousands of years before mankind sees the light within. To make sure we do not lose the understanding of the programming of life, the core guideline is the triple trinity along the clock of God. Which goes from Heaven on Earth, a garden of Eden where all are ascended, to the blinded darkened times of man and machine, where none believe that they are a child of God, via the Logos that runs the programming altogether. Free the mind, follow the logic.

The ashrams are a core place for practicing TiraTiSu, meditation and the calm life of say priesthood. A monastery, a Stupa. Something that lacks in many big religions, they have mostly a frame for adding sheep to the herd, along flock maintenance rulings. Which is great yet the teaching lack, the understanding lacks and the followers have often resorted to party or pressure within a number of generations following the original disclosure around the programming of life.

The clock of God means that we will get closer to all becoming angels, who understand the programming of life from within. Yet not if we deny the triple trinity and the actual understanding of life from within. Much lessons are being given and much prayer is being done yet to understand the inner and the outer path, which we always run at the same time, to reach the top of our build and ascend, is not an easy feature. Therefore we build not cities of pressure and blind attraction, instead we steer mankind towards peace and paradise gardens! Loving negative-footprint villages and temples where all are welcome, which is always the case of course with all temples. Thus each ashram will have a variation of prayer and each village a different setup of time and production, something you can add to that changes the world, rather than just a chill place to hang out whilst you fish for yourself.

So, perhaps, that is the most difficult thing to do, to build a curriculum, a pillar foundation for those who believe, that works for all who wish to understand the programming of life. Where the energy that we have, how it grows and how it gets lost, has been described in various ways.

This is what I am currently working on, a good teaching for the ashrams, an overview of tasks to be fulfilled in the next decades that leads to good villages where overproduction of basics leads to the freedom of many countries. More about that, later. May you stay well, you are on your way; follow the logic!

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