The Table

The First Dinner

Of the year! To see …

What is care?
Where does Providence come from?
What do we all do to make it happen?
We keep the world rolling as it is! What do we do?
Who do we vote for? And more such questions.

So much Ado. Let’s sit together and say grace.


A Brand New Holy Day! The first table of the year! Join the first table, make the first table, be the first table! Ok, enough enthusiasm there, or not? Well, lets speak about what it means.

Finally the table of Jesus and actual sharing of food and water wells Muhammad intended shall come to be. Break free from the grip of the machine and the wall street of greed by sharing your meal with friends and family, at least one day a year. Well, if we count the regular Holy Days, there might be three or four days where we share our food, yet the awareness of what this means has fallen to an absolute low, where corporations own the water and food supply and sometimes countries just run dry of either.

The First Dinner needs an organizer, usually the person who has the table, yet it does not have to be. There need to be invitations, a meetup will do, or any online rsvp or other online tool will work. I’ll work on something like that last one to be available. Just like a recipe book should be available for everyone to add their slaughter free recipes too. Difficult difficult easy, once you have a team rolling about.

Hare hare Krishna, Hare Hare AuhmOhm, let’s get everyone to the Malkut and thus become a Budda. Long live the table, yet that’s up to… You!

About Tables

a table is an important thing. So we don’t have to eat from our bellies, we have made special and specific objects at which we can all take place and share a meal.

To just offer your table, ain’t enough. You need to put in some effort, though this effort can be shared..

The First Table

On the very first day of the year we gather. To share our food, to join at the table. To have our first dinner. An international Holy Day, commemorating the sages and saints of the past who all tried to explain not only the pathway to the heavens, they also set out to unite mankind as one family.

Finally a real active Table of Jesus, sharing of Muhammad, Temple of Krishna; in your very own home.

For you are setting out to create holy ground, rules will apply! 
- There shall be no slaughtering for your feast! 
that seems to be about it..

You may sing and dance Hare Hare Krishna, hare hare Ahntone and offer your prayers to the logic that creates all, that gives and gives, like you are giving too. There is no need for images, altars, candles, psalms and so on. Though who is holding you back from stacking trinkets anyway? Perhaps the useless application of labor in a world misguided and abused would, perhaps the misunderstanding of the teachings would, yet hey, it is up to you to "get it" and "get there". Lets start with a dinner and talk about it.

The happiness of the family is of importance. That family is whatever the organizer makes it to be.

And the day before… is called Silvester! On the last day of December we get together for a cultural feast! with stands that sell or share food and drinks, games and other elements of a good cultural fair, for young and old. Where we have a grand festival stage central at our holy ground or market place, whatever is central in your area, and in the last two of few hours watch great artistry of entertainment show its talent and ability to all. The show might end with a great surprise, light shows or oldskool fireworks. This will make money, save money, and in the future wont be about money anymore yet for now we can start celebrating in style! and in togetherness!! meeting up, being with others and entering the new year all together gives us a great start to make up and let go of everything old. The new year needs us not to party all night long, let us go home once the new year has begun, tho for some it might take an hour of hi and bye before we get going, the morning awaits…. with the first table in sight!

First Table Poem

The First Table

Time to put this somewhere nice
so it can grow and sprout
and one day live its own life
a sweet, crisp, futuresque idea
that makes happy and wonder
what life is all about
call it the table, or dinner
the first of every year it starts
to keep on going, we are all a winner
growing our soul bound passion,
sharing and playing our parts.
A dinner that start every year
at the first day we remember
why we are here, a gift, a life
the light of a star from afar
First a feast, the last of December
where we eat or dance and let culture show
mankind is together and diverse forever
to enjoy and show that we make the glow
and long before night becomes morning
yet this feast means we see the year change
and then we go home to rest well so we can prepare
not making any of our safe boundaries strange
The first of the year, comes a dinner that starts
a kick-off heightening awareness and enlightenment
where all people in society play their parts
where all get to enjoy together and grow and depen
on each other, good times and shining stars
row, row and row that boat, gently till the end
the table starts all anew, a first dinner
together with all your friends, and family
and all that you welcome, saint or sinner
well fed, unicorn owner, dharma-bum or just hungry
the table, the dinner, binds us all equally
and by togetherness, we will all be a winner.
there is no how to, you will make one if needed
the concept is free for all, preferably vegan
or vegetarian, biological then for mother cow
and the chicks who helped out, jippie, wow
karma score upped on both sides and more
together we will see how the world soars
what breathes lives and what lives gives
vibrations forth and back, good and great
cuz forward is how we move, as of late
buying healthy and cooking together in shifts
stretching the table in member and dates
until the whole year's filled with hits
of laughter and sharing, caring and love
swap tasks and tables and cook for days
or maybe just eat, eat and eat away
until all are together
forever, for the better
the first table
the first dinner
how long can you keep it up
how long can you keep it going
how big will it be, become
how long will it be going on
how pure will you be,
heed the gluttony
the fat vs the sugar crave
the processed foods
the faceless keto way
meaning don't eat yourself
or what breathes alike
what moves the same
or shares love and life
what is aware,
what grows in care
in families,
in forest or sea,
no matter the taste
or the cultural base
there is always another way
the first table, here to stay

see this poem and more cave man drawings with the word here

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