This title of course is a pun towards Hollywood and the basic bias we hold. where we are all clay puppets blindly fighting, unaware of our soul.

Where the Jerusalem temple –those reborn gathered along the same premise and guiding in positivity, and those following them– was destroyed by a Babylon pyramid –those reborn seducing and abusing, and those who are following them– we missed out on the most important aspect: the roman legion system being the devils legion, throwing out the pathway to the heavens, destroying the pathway of dhamma.

Use your mind to see what that means. There is a light speed based programming in progress, where the lower level of vibrance creates form, basically the clay. We are all born from this clay, trying to become a higher level programming. Caring only for this form and not the programming, or the pathway up, makes one side with the temporary existence, managing the lower vibrance, where the light smirks and burns the clay, one could say: the fire, means one is siding with chaos and darkness. The devil or Satan perhaps makes it more clear. The conquistador often does not care for going up the ladder, it cares for personal gain. And the conqueror who does care, treats the other children of God as his minions. Sometimes there is patriotism, thinking that feeding the legion, a growing block riding the best positive allocation of energy of the moment, is a good thing. Always the same, even now we fight for our nations, unaware of how to get to heaven and what it means to go a level up.

A bit of a blind system one could say, to just make two sides there isn’t the whole system, there are many positive groups that wish to have peace and many abusers who in chaos all hunt the same glory, who also wish for peace. Yet we, the people, are blind. Fed by culture and country, we often remain blind. Wishful wokeness.

Technically speaking we do not work for peace and paradise, being one family, working towards a place in heaven; no, conquering for rewards and a layered system is what is used. Where economy is our new war and discrimination our weapon (these are of the ages, always have there been castes and royalty..). Be it a wall street of greed or blind socialism, neither side will free you. That means praying to gods won’t make you one and work hard score high leads to oppression.

Likely few understand and even less care. Sheep graze and wolves hunt. Shepherds guide yet the cake ain’t a lie, it’s shepherds pie. Usually made from sacrificial lamb and shared with a pack of dogs. How do we become a Buddha, reach the Atman and why do so few know or care? Still we suffer under the idea of employment and unemployment (there are a few billion people who are not in this system, they are not called unemployed. Usually next to some Dragon Lord’s (and the minions’) mansion, there is a slum with many easy to employ human beings who will perhaps never understand what they pray to or why. Well, this frenzy about the word unemployed is perhaps me trying to figure out what job is actually important if you can live forever in paradise, next to just wondering what it is that I just saw on a website about pyramid-cities, which is a good yet standard solution, much of our modern world parts are quite self sufficient in their build, we are getting there. There is need for usage of shade and many more elements in building, garbage shoots, local recycling, upkeep of materials and other maintenance and foremost to not enslave population that was not born in a dragon’s den or decent lions kingdom. Work or starve! Build this castle! Something went wrong there, whilst the base is all love. No wonder it is called a pyramid. Loving it tho, check it out. Now to address issues of consumption and production, waste, politics, business – which we are all tackling at the moment, almost reaching good governance- and perhaps most important, creation and creationism. Meaning sheep shaving and God. Meaning all should make beautiful art, or visit some awesome temple, and become as the living God, yet where or how? In all we do. In any case, with good governance and loving people we should be coming a long way). It is all we have; a system that feeds heaven that binds man, and in many cases it is for the better. Chaos would eat us, and the price of safety is the idea of weakness in not serving a crown. We hold the idea of conquering in a name, be it ours or for a company, as greatness, whilst this has little to do with our ability to overcome (though there are two sides to anything, you might have missed the explanations on humans dwelling brutally without a country and boss to guide them in life, they would brawl and die without connections that lift their soul).

and then after many blind lives one still has to conquer oneself. Here we need many sheep to give their wool, many humans to give their praise, to popular stars, deva’s, that shine a bright light upon the others. To be able to get all the people there we need to start teaching how the world is, not how our harvest machine works. We need to start loving life instead of gadgets and vanity. We need to stay calm and see it is there, the love of God, the Logos, is in all.

Yet the machine needs to keep rolling –hi there, I design multiverses as you would call em, I call em aoms, aeons or apexdrives– and thus a minimal output of vibrancy will be generated, left or right, pressure good or bad, it will give. You will give. How then do we rule ourselves all together, bringing peace and harmony to the main agenda and helping all the people up and up. Lets jump into a conversation I just had:

*my dearest:
Good morning
I’ve been thinking how infinitely better, more peaceful, more secure and happier the whole world would be if they worshipped me as the highest power

entune forever

this is of course important. even the old wise Greeks knew this

the whole of the world is stuck in feelings and thought, a lower level category of function, a reflection in action that by itself is already sagging

therefor the highest power is that which binds the light, the functional programming that creates all, the logos.

as the vision tunnel, after many lifetimes of shaping that tunnel, clearly shows in the form of player number 1

the me meme

The whole world would be infinitely better, more peaceful, super secure and all would be happy if they would worship me. The me inside of them.

so it seems logical that people do not understand.
what we build here, (*we: me, the wall and I) is not lost faction thinking that feeding chaos leads to heaven on earth, where the mob of people seeds chaos in rule with many blind sheep being greedy and dogs that are packs of wolves. Where it is indeed scary when corruption occurs, on any level yet the corrupted mob is the hardest to clean out. A tyrant is one which is replaced easily, which is harder when not royalty but aristocracy goes fubar (when the rich be dragons) and near impossible when the people vouch for democracy. One world under God. Of course! Where a group of wild dogs and cats might think to build a storyline that can last a few thousand years, we are building a contingency that lasts until the very end of time. as defined by me of course.

About the end of time

the end of time happens when all souls are in heaven, when the clock goes through the energy age and the mind age and all children enter the heavens. There none register time and thus this leads to the world becoming an all encompassing forest. That is why I say “to the end of times and back again!”. Get entune with your universe and you will understand that every child should get there, fear is silly, all are welcome in the house of the father. Which means all humans would reach level 7. When a group of lost local gods resets the build, to go from level 6 back to level 3, in fear of lack of control, this is just part of the fire age and the devil and chaos won for another 10.000 years of darkness, leading to many humans suffering further until the good souls can break through the bad rule upon this timeframe.

more about these numbers later. Now to figure out how to get a middle ground between presidents and royalty that is not a dark ring to bind em all.

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