Socializing is a great thing. What animal does this? Whilst they all like hanging together for safety and need a flock mating-wise, just like many trees become a forest, which is cozy, and there we sit, birds, always watching, wondering what this socializing is about. Bees, flowers and honey everywhere. Berries for the picking.

So where is socialism in this? No where Sir. (I’m a girl… Yes Sir)
Stay Calm Manu, and have a good one.

So, from player to party, we all hear the call, inside of us, for the need of love.

You know it by now, I assume, that everything needs love, it is the essence, it even makes time. Welcome to the age of Aquarius.

How we seek it, how we get it, how we maintain it, this essence, prana, shien, ki, life energy; people do not know.

Does socializing heighten your life’s expectancy? That really depends. Most of us are blindly hunting and end up in wild adventures.

Which then seem enticing for others. And the flock gathers, for it’s parties, around the drums, the discotheque, following the lowest of vibrations, where love is the law.

Love being the law is chaos, of course, logic is the law, the binder of the light, of which all is made, which has a plan for how love is used and made, already before the world came to be. You can fight it, and suffer, weigh your suffering with comrades holding the same law in their arms, and see how the rest moves forward, following the logic, to reach the paradise where they start living forever. No a drum circle is not bad.

Thus, socializing. Flowers in the garden, which are you, me and our friends and family, some bees or wasps, which is the entertainment and the honey, which is our happiness. A great exchange of the essence, where does it come from (the Logos, the big eagle), where does it go? (Through each and every one of us, trickling down from the top and spread left and right through all the attention we share and give being unaware of the actual price.

Welcome back people, to being in the know. They have been dark times, and I don’t mean in the club or disco. Though we all together often are an unaware zombie nation.

Harmony and balance, a society solid as a rock, families trusting and truthful, handshakes meaning positive connections, open and aware (having a good map of relationships without judgement), and lots of parties, singing and dancing.

Once you see all as family this becomes easier, yet not everyone is ready for this, and many Cary the old agenda of blindly hunting for energy, without knowing what it is to have a good time. Thus we drink or do drugs and spoil our engagements, and become a dark spot on the map of flowing light, treading onto barren grounds looking for flowers and their honey.

Socializing, do it everywhere, with a smile. Once you find yourself, by looking inside and understanding your own programming, and thus the world around you, where all are in their way, socializing becomes more timid and continuous, and at parties you can finally dance truly free.

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