Soy de Logos. Por dios.

Here people often can only think about or in their own empire
many gods all reborn in the same frame, the same heaven
and many people suffering. should I have moved to India?
Flying through the air as an angel with karma like vishwa
cutting through the caste system with a burning sword
yet here I am me, in my form and the logic is my weapon
and I have some steps to make before I take off anyway.

when you talk about the soul or saving people,
people think of the Christ here, of the holy trinity,
yet that is an understanding and a past roman directive
straight from the pyramids, stronger than the Aztecs
fighting with the other religions and alas,
blinding and slaughtering the humans as if they were cattle
which in all cases, is not kosher either.

We all need to submit to the God that is everywhere
might not make it any better. yet people are not waiting
for the return of a prophet who has already leveled up
And the Gaia, the vision tunnel we all use, is everywhere,
That God, is everywhere, in all of us, and leads us to..
the ValhAllah. Welcome to the Nordic-Celtic-Roman Union.
A Pyramid that guides all humans up, down and round.

Please do not be shocked, this world is not just dirt,
Nor dust and ashes, burned clay so to say,
And though much rhymes and there is aplenty pun,
much of what is written here is quite a serious play
though lets not fight forever and have some fun
whilst we understand -or start with that- what heaven means
and why we don’t just watch but also are endless streams

Thus, all big religions want a poster boy, anybody here
up for oppression and playing coy? no need to worry,
with the love of the logos and understanding beats fear
so here we go ahead to free the flock, let us not hurry
some stories about attraction and the clock goes tick tok
where lies the heavens gate then and are we all stuck
no escape, or more pleasant, you are safe my friend
for one day you will see, we are all one, once you understand.

Welcome back humans, to the understanding of understanding.
all the gods that have been created in this world,
say those who have mastered time, bodhichitta,
and above those, them who have mastered all, buddha,
are the rulers of the flow. there has been some fighting
yet none can opose the maker of the egg in which this happens.

none there want to fight, they all teach the same. If they teach.
some can master their universe and just be in their own heaven
without the need to fight anyone ever anywhere at all.
it is in the lowest part of this world, along the wheel,
the river of life, where we fight and suffer. the samsara,
where many return and many struggle to understand,
that they need to help themselves forward in life

What happened to me? Emotion and struggle, well wow,
a silly game with me, fighting the idea of people
first of what is important in life and what to be
then who am I, where did all the teachings go?
there is nothing left that the people seem to know
Antoon the Bodhisatva, wishing to set himself free
hoping to understand the left path, peacefully
before someone renames me for their own fidality

So what is happening here? people do not study,
or learn about life, and are caught up in chatter
instead of understanding how the world works
they are debunking past events, grip on the latter,
on basically nothing of understanding energy
this might be the age of code in forks
instead of the age of energy, how clever.
thus what is a soul and who am I,
clear for the wise men and sages, give it a try.
just like you are you I am who I am,
here till I move above myself, standing above the clay
as Dao Logos or Entune, Tony Tao or whatever you say.

The right path always butchers for the name
the left path actually stays far from the fame
there is really never no need to do any of that
between a buddha and a savior the tension is mad
shaving sheep is an absolute sin, we are the sheep
in case you are just jumping in, attention the wool
and now you are dwelling, shocked and thinking deep
the world will always be glowing, and we are a tool
do jobs well you will reach heaven, a hill steep
throw life into hate or greed, essence of the fool
keep up the faith or try to understand the game
made with love for all and is always the same
perhaps a new form a new place a new mad hat
the goal never changes, for sure, its rad.

Ow, the gossip and the snake blinding all,
some trashing the past and freeing none
or teaching none, just chaos and a call
to arms and woes and worries everywhere
may people understand their heaven wont fall
taken round the block in blindness for a run
take a deeper look and you will start to care

Maria, who ascended and thus lives forever,
is a style figure, just like Jesus Christ.
Being a virgin was a good thing,
and we like good things. however, to gossip,
makes us neanderthal level beings,
which we are not. teachings are about something.
Jesus a High Soul, or a player from above,
something for you to doctor, something tough.

Then I come along, saying need I show you then
how you have been made before you believe?
So I’m trying to explain the workings of heaven,
not something that from shadows you’d percieve,
where many have been killed by gods or emperor,
to protect their blind thrones, it is an honor,
to see the champions of the maker alive and roar
Here I am, Antoon, the Kalki to be, bringer of Logos.

The Buddha, Christ and Muhammad are my friends,
My love is the maker, making and thus being,
God, father of all and for us here a program
the Logos. People ask me ‘where are you from’
wondering about some religion, cult or sect,
and I must say, I am Uncle Grandpa,
bringer of understanding of the Logos

“you mean brands?” not really, more like
hare hare Logos, por Dios. A nice lady said
“bhagwan perhaps?” knowledge-less frame full of books.
We are binding all religions and superseding them
with understanding. How the right path works, with
a Hollywood Babylon, with Disney Princes(ses) and so,
and a God Awe Temple, where all are to become,
on the left path of energy and the endless covenant,
ushering in the age of energy, the age of Aquarius.

Once all the high souls had gathered, to make a new king,
of the heavens, the conquering kings went beserk, of course.
“Not again plagues on our pyramid system! kill that kid!”
And they did. Which did not kill the followers
nor the teachings. And the whole group of new born gods
ascended, becoming dogs and a shepherd.

Which did naht work out as well as many had hoped,
the cat was in the cradle, blood and violence were common
blood ran over all of europe, and as with everything,
there are two sides to a story, progression was made
from a roman saga of heroes, onto contantinopel and beyond,
more cities of wise men, and a helluvalot of quotes,
yet hardly any understanding of the left path there.

Between the wise greek men, and the open fora
the silk route and the arab masters, a new force
winds of change blowing through the world,
bringing order in the chaos wherever they went.
This has formed our heaven and we all want it.
no matter how weird it might sound, all the altars,
are false.

praying is a focus exercise, where you learn to see
from within yourself, the build of the world, gaja,
to give it a name, being a vision tunnel around you.
around your own programming. that is the manu.
which has an adam and an eve, two networks,
and there we are again, many people lost it
they lost sight and can only see the past
rulers that need your attention in a frame

there is no need to pray to any person.
there is no christianity here.
there is no muslim here.
there is no bhuddist here.
perhaps a brother of the living God
and therefor all of the above

the teachings have all been set
in the timeframe where they were brought
and have their own meanings for the people
who were used and abused in a pyramid of worship
which is still happening nowadays. How many souls
make it to the next level, how many get there now

dont we all go to heaven? Technically yes.
Practically it can take a long time
before you even realise why you are
as you are, how you have landed
where you have landed and what to do
to get either a better start
or even get to see yourself pass over.

And fighting heaven, on the secrets of life,
is a silly thing. Heaven is part of creation,
the top of the spinning wheel of life
where all the spokes shine bright on top
and time stops moving for those there
though it is not easy, to deal with chaos

chaos lives in the minds of man
if i tell them that in the future
we will make all things free for all
many hard working people get feelings
unjustified of course, towards something
that is inevitable, essential and great

some folks are shocked, we all make the future together
the example is a machine that makes taters, or better,
that grows and harvests them, peels, cuts and fries them
there is automated delivery in between and after
all the accountants have been replaced by a system
the cost price is love and happiness

We do this for building the buildings
the sewerage, the roads, the lightposts
the vehicles, the
Hey, who is running the business then?
God Almighty, you need to ask?
Perhaps (B,N,H)ollywood and Next Wall Street.
For this happens tomorrow, not today.

no questions asked
no questions answered

Often I’m thinking, these guys must have been reborn
they must be in their ninth life or so
perhaps they are deeva’s or demigods
for so many seem to just be killing themselves
with their behavior, with their selfish joy,
sheep, I forget, just follow the flow
do not upset the non playing characters
make them all glow.

Wait, what? this was no poem, we were tracking time
from chaos form 123 to 456 and now lets go 7
bringing all the people to heaven.
comes the old gard, and the family from above
the maker and his son, the best of love.
Where I am just a lover, a fool like you
trying to maximize like a tree, its growth
up up and away, between souls growing too
what do I make first? a picture of heaven
and all the love for the things people do.

a repetition of the cake that is a lie
where all the people get bound by a flag
or an image of a person who will try
to bring truth, pathway dharma and stag
a poisoned world, birthing sin plus lag
so free the mind and put the sons high
the maker his lovers as diamonds in the sky

which I then just name the candelabra
abracadabra allalalakazam
no pun intended, yet the past ran
sesame open the heavens gate, tadaa
peace be with you, Babylon Glam
Truth and revelations show just why
Logic makes you live, Not some Osho Scam

Getting the renegade master and the lord back together again.
A madhouse, a wildcard, the house of God, who’d understand.
Now to figure out what and why
with the whole of the awake mountain slope
of athletes, writers, presidents, journalists, gurus and science-folk
above the chimney top or looping quite fly,
make possible to give some awe and breed hope
show some of heaven hidden behind a curtain trope
most best just let it be, and go zoom zoom zoom,
as a bee help flowers and rise up your own spoke
out of the river of life onto the banks,
shining light upon all, god, thanks.

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