Routes and detours

“where then do I go?”. There is no special place, all of the driving leads to better control of the car. The goal is to be able to project your whole own world, which is a destination, yet the route always differs.

This practicing of driving can be done anywhere and is why everything is on its way. The whole of the Gaia is made to get everything home and every Manu can seek the route suitable for them from their position. A man runs by whilst I am taking a break and says “Yes! Go Nowhere Do Nothing! Since Shiva!”.

Never forget, you are a running program on your way to become like the big dreamer, the maker, and you are driving between others who are also on their way. The program holds its own vision, the Manu holds its own Gaia, not just a reflection upon the river of life where we all swim, the whole of the programming lies inside of us and we need to explore and grow to be able to manifest the ability to manipulate the Gaia, without hurting others, or not only will your own view start to deteriorate, your car will run out of fuel real quickly.

Every lifetime people get better at living the good life, born in a better place over and over again. Once aware of this, it does not change all to much, except you will no longer have to believe. Your life with the possibility and ability to do good, makes your route. To channel the energy you have into a good direction is of importance.

Whoa! These must be the secrets of the gods! Calm down, Manu, calm down. This is the gift of life, as intended by God, the maker of the Egg. Where the main programming is the Logos, which is you, me and everything you see. Everything in this world is growing to become a full fledged universe.

By now, whilst we have just started going through the third quarter on the clock of God called the energy age, you will find endless troubadours and gurus appear telling you about the Christ consciousness, the avatars of this age, the feminine energy and so on. This is a byproduct of our development along the line, just like there would be salesmen of copper pots in the copper age. There are no other words that they can find or use and they are – as they should be – very excited by this quite common phase. Yet that is seen from a builders perspective. Great news indeed, everyone could have mastered their Gaia always, unlocking their understanding of the workings of the world, using their prana, flowing through ida and pingala, freeing their idea around sexuality away from our lust and character principles into love and wholesome, if not holy, practice of using and sharing life energy ánd growing compassionate, was already and is still available.

No worries, focus on your own environment and stay on your route. You were born in a place grand, with a body as needed, to get you where you travel furthest up the line, taking into account the development of your soul, and thus ability to will. There is no secret in the pranayama, in the chi-ching-shien, there is a shortage of concentration, attention and cultivation. The current time of tools and talk will not make this any better. Learn to drive your car well, and stick to the route. A route that becomes clear when you have the windows clean, the backseat tidy and see all the other drivers and cars on the road as equal.

We get born within a group, always, that by themselves are all on their way. Some children might get lost yet the basics of the system are simple, life needs love, and therefore people grow between others. This means there will be a great amount of love available for us in the first years! When our ‘nest’ or ‘pack’ has a good base, a lush valley, we will have food, shelter and often our parents and society will teach us the basics of car maintenance. Very often they are all on their way themselves and not many people sit firmly in the driver-seat, aware of their journey, and therefor not able to teach more about the road then they know. Which brought you here, so it seems to work well.

Just like there are teachers for math and for exercising, there are teachers for the routes in life. Many teachers, for many small steps. The route that leads home, to the very top, or end, of the existence (which by the way – cool notion – lies within your self!) and we shall from now on call The Path. Many routes will bring you along the path yet the basic principle, the idea, will always be the same. There is a driver who learns to drive the car so well that he or she manages to get to the finish, the top of the code, the logic from whence we were born, and learns to control his or her environment completely and with love. That is the path and that is the goal.

Why then did you not hear about this earlier? you must be kidding! the whole of work done since and by Krishna, Buddha, Christ and Mohammad is to guide people home! There are so many places people start and so many detours that it can be difficult to understand or sometimes even learn or see that there is a goal. Yet as mentioned, really learning to handle your car starts with learning how it works. You are already on your path and this is not the first time you live and try to become! That you cannot see or remember what or who you were before is not so much a problem as it is normal. You need to ride a real clean race or know the whole inside of your vehicle to win such a race, or know the whole inside of your vehicle to win such a prize.

The Logos is always by your side, and mostly due to your hard work in your past lives you have now been born in a specific place and time suitable for your journey. Still, the route lies within ourselves. grow, with trust in yourself and your surroundings, and your engine will push your car down the road. That push we call passion, allow your passion to be cultivated to grow into a fitting form for your car.

The energy you are trying to find lies on the very top of your being, where you rise up, above your self to connect to others. At the very top you will love connecting to and caring for others, and you could consider everything else a distraction, yet we are all on our way there. Grow your passion until it is as compassion is and you will be with one foot in heaven.

Where does this passion come from and why is it a guide on my route? During those years of being driven to seek love we grow. As a child we move so much the body reaches puberty and it does not stop there. We learn, in the midst of our surroundings, to steer our own body, looking for love. When the form has settled and we have a good control of our appetite and other drives, that which brings happiness rises above the things we do for fun or joy. Channeling our habits, our personal rituals and that which gives the most love brings us to great interest that we call passion. Guide yourself there and let it guide you on your route.

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