you are not alone

I’ve got keys, the master’s tease
from a few worlds up
above the above the above on top
and some more, yeah thats tough
yet it is truly, purely, only love
ive got to see, to say and be
how many struggle and need
without seeing the gift that is
making all that loves and lives

were are you now, wild child, run away calf.
mastering renegade, a maverick, an angel, yet half
you too, like all, are on your way.
not chained, free to grow, its ok
who holds the lock, since the beginning of time
which is just the essence, of all, you, yours, mine
keys in your hand, the world in your palm
nobody teaching, most leeching, stay calm
from above the above to see what comes
what changes and what goes along
with the programming of flow here to eat
the rhythm of my dream, my heartbeat

Rise above the worries and see, inside
the holy spirit is within you ready and right
righteous for it always loves everyone and all
seeing even those as children, those who fall
stand up and grow and smile my friend
no body holds you down, here or in the end
to become, to shine, to make and give
everyone is on their way to learn and live
the highest form of their own being, born
as a shining star that forever lives on.

Time moves through the devils world, of form
the world of things for things, cob and corn
countries and companies, shape and size
glory and conquering, feelings and a prize
together we shape, step by step, all we make
a future of love and bliss, for children awake
living a dream, in the endless stream
without dark clouds that make it seem
that there is no safety that there is no love
that we all need to fight and life is tough
break free from the mist, find truth inside

look inside your program, nobody lied
heaven is for reals, have you ever tried
to live a day without anger, hate or fear
try it day and night, every month and year
until a smile has embedded itself there
where it was originally, the core of care
you were born so pure and glad
with weight so quickly we were clad
strip, strip, bare naked soul and tithes out, atone
the tune of the universe will never leave you alone

every life we run, can I break free, what is going on
around we spin and only able to give and stream along
and along the endless vibe which makes all great
never give up, change for the better, it is never too late

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