Fuel and Fire

Fuel and Fire

How to fuel up the car, is something we learn from our environment. yet they often do not know what our way of fueling up leads to, and, more importantly, whilst fueling up, we change the world around us. Much energy is lost and gained on many sides, yet to get to the paradise road, one needs to take a different approach to just guzzling the standard practice of physical potential. It is surely a result, good physique comes from a shiny soul, yet you could be round and enjoying life or square and working hard, or either of those elements mixed up.

Many roads lead home, yet a standard practice for success on the road is to eat in such a way that you are able to undertake actions, not the other way around. Of course you need to be happy, yet if you only gain happiness from the flavor or the stuffing of your mouth or stomach – where in many cases the happy is generated by primal reward for swallowing chunks of anything – you might never become that athlete, artist or parent you are. Respect for the food and the environment that delivers it might be just the little things that go a long way

Then, that we all together trash the world that we share -which is still, for each and everyone, their own view of the world- means that we are mostly trashing the world we can see, and that we make our children see; this is a whole new problem. Keep it awesome and the future will be too. Fuel might be the most interesting chapter from a systematic perspective.

We will all have to undertake actions to be able to eat, yet the goal is to use this energy to create more energy, to become a happy person who can be active, endlessly. This goes for many elements in our life, and the happiness of people is what the apex drive eats. Going up on your path means you have a better vibe, for yourself and for the people around you. It is not without reason that those who attract others make use of what they have been given, and give to the world around them. Kings give all the country safety, all the writers, makers, musicians, painters; all the artists give you a great environment, together we make the world beautiful. Every life you get better at this until you break through the first level, and enter that driver-seat. When your car is stuffed with lots of trash on the backseat, the window is full of worries, and the only thing you hear is honking and crashing, the road you will find will be difficult, it will cost you aplenty good vibrations, which will make it difficult to get further on. When in a family, which we all are, we sometimes smoke or drink alcohol, which we do for ourselves. Nothing wrong with a good party, yet learning to care for oneself and the whole of the projection around one can take lifetimes sometimes. Some need to become a grandparent or a king, eventually, which will make us aware of the cost of interaction and the importance of a well balanced world. And then we still have not learned anything about the actual fuel our car uses.

What do we fuel our car with? then? Love? Yes! The plant loves life and we eat it and its children. The same for the animals, if you still eat those. The secret: more positivity you can get, the more energy there will be. Killing by default is a very negative motion, yet we need to eat to build our basic form, so to start eating a) for the energy you need b) with attention and love c) as damage-free as possible, will give you turbo-fuel. Chew well on every bite, saliva is important, for it breaks down much of the food its protection using enzymes. Enjoy the fact that you can eat, and can get nourishment. Respect the life you take, and never forget that every bite is different, or it will just go down the primal track following some memory, and weight your car down. When you eat to drive, you will never run into problems.

Why does our world have so much energy problems? We fuel ourselves with good vibrations. Just like babies die without love, humans do too. The whole of the need for energy is basically a bit of a fork, to keep things lighthearted, it is a fork from the code that we use to keep our children safe whilst growing. Basically overcompensation of the base layer that wishes to do as good as it can in pushing the world of form to grow well. Where in the paradise where the world was created one would live together with the other mammals, and share their produce, we have gone into quite some forks. When you get good vibes from good food, you will turn it into light, and shine like a diamond through the world, with all you do. If you roll around in the lower part of your car, eating for the stomach or using the energy for even lower vibrations, this would be where your own programming starts to burn yourself a bit. Physically and literally your ray of light falls to a lower stage, where lies a lot of stress, anger and most likely, a rebirth with more suffering. Which one does not remember, as many do not, until they manage to win their race and see their own path in full glory. The only way is up.

The world around us does not care what it feeds upon, when there are not enough good vibrations, the world takes anything it can use. We, mankind, have just gone through an age filled with fire, where no one knows how this energy works, or why it is important. Still many of us are loosing themselves in who they think they are, weighing down their happiness, dimming their star. Stay above that level, pull your spirit up, above the heart, to reach the lord inside of you, and you will be rewarded with everlasting joy and happiness. Once you learn to be a professional driver, you will be able to understand what “Love is all you need” truly means. The road to the future is filled with healing, both inside and outside ourselves. Lets get on that road; Welcome to the future, welcome into the age of Aquarius!

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