Driving that car

Kids grow as fine as any plant would, taking what it can and moving as it is allowed. Much more than an animal, or the average animal, we humans can learn to change the way we grow. In this way a kid already learns from how the parent grows and moves around them. We often think that an adult does not grow yet adults grow the way they drive their car, all the time. They also have many specific habits that the child will copy. Much of all still being the same values that made the plant grow or the animal fit with its nest or pack. How then do we get to drive our car? Where do we go?

with all of life around you driving,you might not expect everyone or as we often think, everything is on their way home, to the logic that created all, to be the logic that created all, active code running within you, or rather, the running code you are, to become as the number one player in their world. with so many plants, animals and people around you you might not expect this to be true; where then are all these great Adam programs that rule their own Gaja? They are often able to live without hitting any other vehicle on the road. This would damage their programming so the chance that you run into one of these ‘cars’ is not very big. Learning to drive your car will make you a graceful driver, who wins their race, or gets to the desired prize, easily. By no means should you ever play bumper carts, where you start hitting other cars on their road. Though the world might seem like a cart game , you should realize that all other beings are your family please do not hurt pour father, mother, brother, sister or even children. Your neighbor, the shopkeeper, the teachers, they are all family, once you have been driving for a while, on your way to becoming you will see that all beings are family and that loving them makes for a great journey.

Lets look at that again, for some people forget what love is, or seek it in places where they will only find distraction, or lose energy on processes that they love, yet it does not bring them or others love. Not only will there be a life where you get to realize that these other cars are your brothers, sisters, parents and children even, bumping into a lot of other cars will damage both your car and your ability to drive. Driving costs energy, interacting costs energy. We are learning to drive a car, to become a driver who can drive forever on paradise road, which needs you to have enough fuel. You get this fuel from your parents, like any seed, be it a plant or a young animal or human, it gets all the energy it needs from the environment around it.

Where a seed has all it needs to grow, it needs to be in good soil and the seasons will do their work, we will often look at many individual cases and form an opinion, which will most often make us drive places, and sometimes even go off our own road. The road is long, and the wind takes all seeds where they need to be. Eventually, they even become a human that can move themselves into the perfect environment for their own growth. This means a healthy and calm life, where you get to do many good deeds. Not knowing why you are here, what the path is and how to drive that car, can lead to much confusion. Being able to read this text is an enormous blessing, just like writing it is. Here we have the opportunity to ‘finally’ connect and teach eachother, why we drive, why we love it, why we are here and how we will fix this world forever, for everyone, as it is intended. Welcome on the golden road, welcome to the endless covenant.

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