Becoming a driver

So am I a car or a driver? Well, until you are in the drivers seat, until you become, you will be thinking that you are a car. Many cars on the road, some unaware, some saying see you when you get there. To get that drivers licence, to be able to win a price in what could be called the holy baseball race, you need to first take your place in the driverseat.

Every plant is driving on the road of life, every animal is. A tree can not stop growing, just like your heart will beat, the tree will grow, and it will make out in spring and dump a big heap of waste in autumn, there is little choice for the plant. It will go where it can with its form. The same goes for animals, the pigeon cant stop wanting to eat and mate and al though the eagle soars more, the same programming runs. Most humans run their programming in the same way.

To become, in itself, means to become a living god, a maker of your whole own vision. To become the owner of your actions needs you to figure out what there is. Because neither plants nor animals have any choice or ability to overcome their path from within, they will try to maximize their programming. The plant will become an animal and the animal will become a human being. the stage where one can start to actively manage ones path and this is where one can start to actively manage ones path and this is where YOU are now. Many people, many roads and all lead home, yet to start to understand the road, the vehicle and the destination one must learn about this.

Which can be done via many lifetimes of active engagements, which is called the the outer or right path, yet it can also be done via the inner or left path, which means meditating or practicing the ability to focus and learning what you focus on and why. There is a crucial difference between the pathways; the left path is very hard yet gets you in the drivers seat immediately. For this you need to disconnect from anything in this world and this is real hard for everyone. This is why there are temples and places where one can practice their focus in all calmness. The right path is easier, takes many many lifetimes, and is therefor the richest experience. In either case, one needs to understand both their car and the road, which means we will always be walking on both pathways at the same time. It is wise to explore the rules of the road, the workings of the car and to choose a destination.

Knowing that you are driving with your spirit, your vehicle being your temple being your body, is a good start. Accept this or believe this and start driving on the road of good connections and awesome feelings. Welcome on your way to sitting in the drivers seat.

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