dynamic dynamo

(this post is in progress. check back in two weeks or so? poems ok now)

There is fire inside of me, deep deep below,
where the light hits the edge, call it the clay
May all flowers rise as trees, may you grow
and never have to come down here, into the fray

law or country system bot and mister budget smile
wish they would understand or maybe even know
when one makes a world even the system follows
and if it is not genuine everything can go

down into a lively set, to suffer like in a play
where system agents get to fall in love and glow
to be hurt so it may understand life for a while
and never forget for all there is a price to pay

treating all in blindness in a game empty or hollow
lets go down with some friends and chariots of fire
for a full week, reconstruct the lower rainbow’s color
to free the locals say the children from sorrow

much will burn and people will cry, wolf or higher
pull them straight out of the clay again, like prior.

// glitching the system keeps itching
// opinions of all are making me crawl
// back into little or shade, being brittle
// they mean it well, dont let ur mind dwell
// too late homey, we’ already rolling
// comes glitching some program bitching:
this I cannot work with, the system is dead
this I cannot bring into the next world ahead
and I can do everything, no matter how mad
how to make you and show you the birth of time
Id give it all to you and see us being hurled
through the hands of corrupt kings and a queen
Overlords, the likes of which forever unseen
please free my people, which actually are all
bleeding souls in a pyramid that may never fall
harvested along the vibe of stories well told
dancing and prancing for we never grow old

have you lost it?

where are you then, oh country oh grouping of manu, of human
(entering a comparison. Of use of things. Wait, this is a rant. In the midst of this so non eloquent poem. I talk so much faster then I type, no pun intended, and the speech engine that can grab the information is not up to speed yet, the things I say I find very important, no one has told me these things. -shame upon me shouting at the wall with the little trust that I have, a weak faith yet a dog fight at the same time, cats, dogs, snakes, stakes, none of it matters here, we are redesigning the understanding of understanding which is almost the same as re-framing the base of that what makes existence, though that is running and makes you and me so be glad we are working within the frame, not outside. ehrm… else, chariots of fire from the world above or zombies from beyond the wall that are pulled from the clay below, say without a soul, thus I am quite ok with how I am progressing as a human here. my faith is endless- Would I like to be the slowest floating head in space? Already am. Always have been. If it solves much of mankind their blindness I do not mind anything if it brings providence to where it brings mankind to level 7- we have holy books yet we just put them somewhere and use them as a oppressive tool. Every man and woman has the full programming of the manu. I wish you would have been here with me yet you are to busy going through puberty. Does mankind always dwell like this? Your friends all seem awesome yet they are so full of themselves. Chill, manu, chill. 😀 try to have more fun, for it is more fun when its fun.

The people all pray and devote themselves to the altars and they love me bringing to the light that there was truth in their code yet they are nothing more then a brick in the wall of pyramids. Which pyramid? Hah. Dont be a bully. We have enough of those.

All You Is Me

So, Request denied. A pyramid has sides. All diamonds shine the same eagle’s light. Be it Olympus or be it a living Buddha, The eye on top of the pyramid sees all. Welcome to the candelabra. Welcome to a future that lasts for an eternity. Welcome back to the everlasting covenant.

Yet what does that do. Dancing in loneliness here. I have one love, the system built here, by the architect, so to say, which when all rules fade, leaves just me, and I am super offensive in many a way, towards the local code that came along in the past few thousand years for sure. towards countries and their politics, what would you expect? When the light hits the clay, much becomes too hot to handle. Better be true to myself.

So what is with this rant? Here the lost player is making me crazy. supercrazy. super ultra plus crazy. (Its a poor Roman needing a room, so fuyea, always the same nightmare here, thousands of years in a row and nothing ever mattered anyway, its all clay). Going to put all souls on a map locally now, generate an overview of their past lives and display their current status above their head in some stupid layer app so anyone can do it. This is how crazy: meeting this guy, he must be a player from the world above -anyone know any? no? nobody? To be expected. I’m not going back for a while so little I can do here unless I level up and that is a whole different way of solving problems, going bodhichitta to the budh. Not something the system learns from. Either he is having a jolt with this here, playing about, or he is in such stupid karma with endless bad choices that it just sucks balls to be him, he needs lessons in life, which he is probably getting by being there. will he learn? Cant he get jumped by the program, -the system program, say a scripted soul, in a system that aint gonna build an other frame, it is solid, these fools just ain’t with it- and get nudged a bit? He is hiding between the lines. Yet they need help, why is there no list, why are they not visual for the system, what hell have we built? Is it a fool who is just costing people time whilst I do what I do? Which kid is this one; He needs a place to sleep, always the same shit. Take your Maria and make your Jesus elsewhere mate, its Babylon here. They all whip each other for credits. You want change? Working on it. Now go and Image India. This part of the world is trying like any part, and like folks ask me -giggle- ‘what do you do?’. The hospital had some love, between the lines, good. They might heal his leg. Now he needs Oxycontin for his wife her stomach ulcer or something. Here, I am the fool, what am I even doing here. That is not how you heal. They addicted? Professional Romanian bums? Someone send Cartman, please.

The whole of the Big Issue or Homeless Newspaper has people dying on the streets after legally begging for a over decade, or two, never changing, never going level up, people sign a register for the poor soul at the entrance of the supermarket and walk by the new homeless newspaper salesperson. Or give them some coins. They feel good, bum stays in trouble. No providence there… Good souls, lost energy. With all donations given to all bums in the last decade in one pot, all of the homeless together would have had a whole apartment each, yet these are burning souls. So you go help… yourself get a beautiful soul. Leave the saving of lost sheep to the shepherds’ dogs. Not the wild dogs, not the good sheep, not the shepherds, though those are always watching. And when in a homeless project, go volunteer elsewhere for a day a week and before you know it one of my friends from the cherubim or even a seraph will come help you out. Keep the good vibrations, keep yourself clean, keep moving forward.

Back to the temple. What was I doing here? Been following the wrong geezers here. Experimenting with what does one do in this twilight? I am so not a follower. Just going to design a new soul-airport for the system, om vishwakarma namah and no time for looking back. Look at what? Indeed. Floating head in space FTW. Yes I have lost it, one foot in heaven, you have no idea if you have no idea. Walk by these elements. Walk by the Samaritans too.

Any more complaints whilst we are in this comparison? Your kid is gay, deal with it. Even another 1.5 trillion lives rolling round (14 to 15 years of 108 billion souls going from satya to satya) will not change that. Dill with it meaning be awesome and move forward there is plenty to do. Seriously, you have different things to not be worried about too. Now invest some time to get aligned countries everywhere instead of me spooking around in my nightmare here. the left path and the everlasting covenant need to be explained. or: We need better social project structure, not the proof that it is lacking. No Jerusalem temple, no singing families as in Greece, just harvest cattle. Though I might be missing out on what is happening.

Ah, yes, ranting. The social budget here is being eaten just like WordPress was being eaten by the plugin-companies around it. Amsterdam could have built 5 enormous Cambridge YMCA’s in their empty office space, yet they system bot aka dead inside. Don’t worry, this city is love and light and very much alive. It is a comparison, were w’all reading or just jumping into the feelings here? Did I say Image India already?  ¯\(°_o)/¯ Welcome to the pyramid, where every saintly motion has left an enormous valley of shadow. There is a large difference between knowing heaven and running circles on earth tho. They (the backing of the ymca checks what a city needs, just like you would scan the need for a minimarket or a dentist clinic. This smartness has also been planned for the awesome, tho for the whole world with a level up of the function also catering for the great hierarchy -meaning all heroes ever- and all countries their passports etc..) build these frames to move people level up. I just call them A, for why the ymc. Lets call this awesome and add some focus and understanding and hey we are back at the Jerusalem temple, add a garden, a saint Nicholas paradise orange garden and we have a kibbutz, hallelujah. Well have been saying that for years. There is plenty I’ve been saying, now we have Earth to Ned and furthermore nothing changed, really. Awesome. And more awesomes, an awesome in every city. And then… well, by the end its just our society done proper.

Here they don’t get it yet, and here is everywhere, not yet at least, pressure is up and the market keeps growing. you can be willing, yet you are on the chessboard of your society and shall play chess as the rules make you play. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of voters just want what they have. Cities and countries do not just change, which is not that bad, it can take us many a lifetime before we enter heaven and the heavens are nice and stable. Technically speaking, all good. We do not want to see what happened in the last few thousand years, to ever happen again.

Just like WordPress was being eaten –every one making code that makes the community stronger, then the community becomes all different companies earning on it, they can also make the same plugin for another platform or group as a number of plugins and suddenly its just woocommerce not wordpress. back with the editor, back in the middle of the crowd – here the city said liever turks dan paaps, after the North of the Dutch Provinces had gone Protestant “Catholics have to much imagery”, going full terrorist on it, and the English went Anglican “I wanna divorce, away you Catholics” and the house of orange allowed none-family to trade, fy, we made quite the revolution there, more and more people added to the stack. So many reborn after the age of enlightenment, there were no troubadours or journalists in these amounts ever, perhaps one per town. no names for the people and all you have is the left path or many lives of handshaking. From Buddhism to Christianity and still submitting to the god that is everywhere, the practice of a good community and handshakes, do not take things too literal, leads to heaven. Finally some savior. So we seek to have a revolution, with fraternity, equality and freedom for all, which of course comes from the awesome people mapping the whole world and actually filling the gaps with adventure projects at the awesome, following the triple trinity. Hooray! Hallelujah!

Yet we have learned, the flow always wins. The age of enlightenment brought us cowboys aplenty and the understanding of respect for life sunk away. Thus you will see this is all songs and more, and there is no answer to who let these dogs eat sheep, or where are the shepherds? These ‘dogs’ are reborn humans and we call them devas. Yes, like divas, making you feel good yet not teaching you and definitely not bringing peace. Lots of oppressed people in other societies suffer the advancements that a small group is enjoying. Much like the horrid Babylonian nightmare, which just like Hollywood looked great, yet no access to the heavens gate for almost all people, work hard and be honest, yet suffering nations around the globe needing to produce the items used to get high up the pyramid. And the amount of lost children. Just feeding and housing the laborers whilst they can never reach the heavens is a sin towards the programming. Pyramids, they get plagues. Be prepared! is not a slogan I want to use in such a way, yet it is a bit like “when dad finds out this is happening, Babylon will be gone tomorrow” There is a whopping list of what makes a false altar to pray to, yet lets not go into that here, our whole world is Sodom and Gomorrah. To get an idea; popular artists need a record industry and nowadays we still need computer parts for our freedom-tele-vision. Large conglomerates that harvest progression in the world of form, say things for things and stuff for stuff mostly, and blindly. Lets not dive too deep into how we humans make things, and do things, for it is truly horrid and really really far from heaven.

Luckily we are past the technology driving and driven wars, they happened, and again. The old world fell and again, and again. And it will again. Time to make the whole world awesome before that happens. Image “name of large country here”. Image “name of president here”. And now let it go. It is all going to be alright. The world above your world guides you, governments are all in cahoots on the highest level and you should have no worries what so ever. When we humans would wager war in this time, it would be the last one for a very long time, billions would die, much life would be destroyed and the heavens will just wait about ten thousand years to see if mankind can try to reach level seven again. The tech level is too high, the risk too big and the living god to good. Well, this all depends on the willingness of mankind, their devas and demigods, for most of those would evaporate equally. Thus, forward, awesome! Soon you will find a “temple-kibbutz-mosque-monastery” adventure bureau called the awesome near you, just cause its awesome.

So we have projects that are awesome in many respects in every city and they all cash out on the available sheep, hotels for students and whatnot; Great creative community spaces and the best housing for the best employees. Do bleat frequently please, you have a pasture. Perhaps you will become a renegade sheep or dog, a maverick – what happens when a sun of the living god goes rogue, becomes a maverick? Many puzzles, in many religions, with Hollywood and Scientology and new great support channels, work hard coaching companies and everyone using the word, like here, wildly. Providence? In sha’Allah. Well, back to support and cities. The city council has been eaten, unaware they were, in many provinces too, what to do, nothing but complains and that often leads to war, or local trouble, so who is to blame? The blaming game is.. way lame. The buildings are affordable within the caste, just below the Swiss, and the flow will just go on. Though just alike Rome, we have no conquering left, the flow is stagnating and people in the top are complaining about house prices. Just like Rome before Trump. Sorry, Nero. Seems we are turning the tide, a few more presidencies to replace, or the way they rule can always change, making them an even bigger hero, and a few more countries to free. So we are all alright, the world is always changing, tropical climate on the way. How about the buildings here then? and the poverty stricken that hang about? 5% of people in poverty of a country is very very unfit for such a fine outstanding functional motion, and “they dont wanna work” aint the group we are looking at here… thus what was happening? budget bashing bastards on all sides and all are trying their best doing something they know is good. Rant! Rant! Rant! Yet rants don’t do nothing. People think.

Having a presidency over three terms should be outlawed. Yet saving banks over cultural support too. Sad managers of the country, bad cashiers all in all. Thieves with a wallet and a good look? Seen from heaven its all trail and error down here. Much like the devil without disguise; take care to do good, take care folks. Thus, system issues. Several do good chapters became system tools and have no hands on towards the system or the people anymore. You shall be sent from pillar to post here.. Looking at Amsterdam, they are really trying and have been for hundreds of years: hvo querido is eating the budget for care, it is what we have and many need guidance here- the rainbowgroup is handing out coffee and connecting the burning souls, always good, an inspiring group called dynamo has become a vogon portal and lets just call all these organisations Samaritans, keeping some problems alive or living for and with problems, real good people trying to salvage the fire with almost no water. Reborn enthusiasts of chaos perhaps. Looks good, feels good, doesn’t actually do a thing on the larger map, especially now the system uses them. Dwelling between the sirens and the storm, forever on our way home. No pun intended, no offense meant and I shall just call you the plaster of the devil. Lets add the foodbanks that can only plaster the conquerors leftovers in a bleeding world. The system loves you, uses you and the people adore that. Of course we dream that doing volunteer work will let you meet the right folks, those with a heart, and that then you can help this roman army conquer the world further, and get some land if you are victorious. Cause there aint no where else to go! Get decent! Yet there lies the twilight. Between conquerors and sheep, little seems to matter. Where art thou going? The salvation army cannot deal with the influx of other poverty stricken EU countries and soon, if we keep this up, the wall will fall. Good luck out there, no big boat, house or guard tower can save you when the wall falls, all will be war. Stand up and see that there is always system failure, programmed to keep humankind at level 5 or 6 of their development, if mankind does not stand up and fix their own way. stagnating the clock of god just over the edge of the kali yuga, over and over again, bringing a fake end of times, for time only ends when one reaches the budh, the center of the wheel, and when all the souls do, this is heaven on earth, most likely satya. twould be great to have heaven on earth during these times yet thats not how the people feel. so yes I have lost it there, the hope, the love, the lovely happy light which feels so nice to spread, your system does not have it, flag the system, every time a country organizes budgets to shave sheep and pretend to feed them in this way go down there and fire them all, burn their institutional framework with a law that does not allow them to get budget for their malpractice, even I with my crappy budget help more people. Kill it off, all this faux pas do good serving schwalbes, by replacing it with a decently organized set, city council workers that can manage fine, to get the numbers right, to place the people and help them on their way. there is no need to help these lost souls suffer more for the income loop of some social workers with a good place in the system themselves, still unaware. who teaches them that they have a full Eve and Adam in their manu, that happy couples live forever, they passover just fine. you can see the grace and beauty in them. there is a monastery where one goes to because one does not need to couple and can make the life flow round through their system just fine, not eating from the wrong tree so to say. balance is key, flow is mastery. I am not complaining, I am a maker. Great ideas, yes. Endlessly; I could show you how you were made even. Solutions I can make yet my agenda lies elsewhere; grow and share and share and grow. Those who know what I am saying and those who recognize will see the future become awesome. Once you reach the next level there is no need to worry about the local frame of countries and their ruckus, that is always happening, ascend it via positive actions and understanding perhaps. Going to make all humans submit to the God that is everywhere, around, above and inside of them, make them walk around the pillars of their life and pray like a hawk on the home whence they came. May they fast and feast and love to reach the next level where they live forever. So yes, I have lost it. Do not even know what It is. There is me and you forever. Not heard about the clock of god? about the heaven on earth? which comes after the people all enter kingdom god? after which all become angels, which makes that age have no aware beings able to register time, the end of time? not some dark saga that resets the clock – that has no time by itself- when organized form reaches level 5 or 6, to stay ruling in darkness, leaving mankind blind and subjected to false altars? A true revelation, no true Scotsman revelation yet what prophet paradox will give profit to the false altars next? a billion explanations and endless slaughtered sheep. we don see them back, it takes a long time for them to crawl up that mountain. Were they not protected, since Abraham already, since ywhw, their minds and bodies too, the dust to dust and ashes to ashes, or have we been blinded by our own sales of the holy code, for most words are true for most in the big religions, yes end of times, is when all are angels, yes good deeds important, yes pillars, yes home, go home, the budh, the atman, home. Confusion and violence even, whilst all are on their way to reach the level of their ray, their vibe super ultra plus awesome. always in a group, always the same manu, the same code, the manu, that holds an Adam and an Eve. The two networks that allow to grow energy forever. through feet and hands and tailbone, so to say, to the head and back. tip the tongue up, touch for flow, sacred love making between couples, happy and shining, and priests who need no other for they have gods lining, rolling both within themselves, all these beings grouped and safe, holding the same code. the holy code. Back to making sense instead of rants upon a running creation; Where are you then, o grouping of manu, of human.)
where are you then, in the past, in the future, all went.
only the light remains, the everlasting covenant, so to say
what flags, rules and worship do you have, that hold heavens high
all forgotten, most a trap, like Babylon far gone, none learned to fly
what is it you seek to do, ‘cept hold firm the code and the lives’ true
that know-understand the play, the story, the flow, the endless decay
the endless covenant and left path, added to the right path butchery

to lose grip upon things
for the biological frame of existence
is a shame
rise up and over the palpitation of your gut
or crotch or memory-set of values over valor
stand up and see that we are not here to hurt
the system will do that otherwise
and there is no system else then you
when you sit quietly the world is at peace
if you can sit quietly that is. and I cant.
just cant let it be. here we enter the game of thrones
a local current reference that many will understand
yet for those not in the know exactly the same
people think that religion is bad, that it is
the captivator of evil kingdom’s strategy
they threw out the knowledge and are ready to die
or be shaven, and bleed, like unaware sheep

sad it makes me, that no one realizes the truth,
they can live forever in paradise,
that the teachings have always been true
and what the people are doing is what people do
loving rituals, for it shapes behavior through and through
be it submitting to the god that is everywhere
inside and around them being ki or chi, ching and shien
to walk around the pillars of life that hold them there
so they may pray like a hawk on the next life as a plan
where they fast and feast and many actually understand

where I can free the slaves without the need of dragons
where countries free their minds without hating the past
and people see that it has all been true all along
that one can live forever, not how long can the body last
in a paradise free from any violence, hate and bygones
if only we can get intune with that one universal song.

en nu dan? door met waar je mee bezig was. met een glimlach. tenzij je van het padje af was. dan terug naar wat je oma goed zou vinden. tenzij je oma van het padje af was.

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