Being a Vehicle

The world is ‘on’, it is running. All you see -and all you are- is running code in action and you have been born amidst many other programs streaming along the movement of the world. One could say there is an environment, in which all programs are running and there are thus programs that run in an environment. As mentioned in chapter one, spokes in a river.

Whilst building this, one basically just needs to build one spoke, and to fill the base one can repeat a number of variations thereof along the wheel. The whole of the program that one spoke sees of the wheel also does not need to exist, we can actually program that all into the vision of the spoke. Yawhat?? That’s genius. So the whole of the world can be programmed within the core principle of the singular item one brings alive? Well, technically, yes. Solipsism Ultra Plus. Where the World of Lovecraft has the whole map embedded in the player character and the wheel of time is the server.

Practically you would still need to program the whole of the classes that bring the vision of day and night, of seas and animals and then introduce the element that can see and register that. Spoofing multiple items alongside of each other that start to pull one and another actually builds a plane of existence, that does not exist. Here the absolute randomness is generated, the freedom we have that can lead to greatness as well as to suffering. Not the current randomness by the decree of not understanding the programmed environment we use to have wind or flowers change the way our numbers move, no, freaking absolute randomness. God level absolute randomness. Anyway, enough about that, it just means that you can drive around in circles for a while without ever finding out what is going on. Thank God for the word. Thanks for everything actually.

To build the whole of the programmed spoke, there is the need to have a cycle of energy, once the world is turned on, it is not just a single line that stays straight, much like your computer or telephone needs a current to make it run, it will balance this pulse on many levels to show you a stable picture on your screen. This managing exists within the spoke itself as well, a pulse that is managed for when the environment gets turned on, a difference is needed to move the code and therefor there needs to be a balancing of that to create an item that stays active in the running code.

Technicalities; Lets start naming some things to make it easier to deal with the references so we do not have to say the running environment or the program element that can see its reflection in action all the time, lets call the environment that the spoke is witnessing Earth, or lets take something sweet like Mother… lets take “Gaja” and lets call the spoke-program-with-vision “Manu”. We could use Adam, yet with Eve coming along being the same this might be confusing for many people. Lets also name the spoke “Your Path”, for technically speaking you are not going anywhere, your spoke is slowly moving forward and the only way out of the flow, is up.

When the Manu has reached full potential it can envision the whole of Gaja by itself. Technically speaking the Manu reaches a higher level, climbing up the spoke, controlling more of the functions of which it is made and leaves behind the other Manu programs around it on a lower level, dancing in their own respective Gaja.

Now you are reading my text, an element that I have made, in the base of the active running streams, that we are passing on between the individual spokes. This is technically speaking a low level, where vibrations are heavy and the river of life is streaming. This is where we organize the chaos, untill it is all well aranged and the children all become. This means this part of life, where this text is, already is on a higher level of functioning, where we can use the word, a grand logical tool. Here you are moving around in your life, seeking and finding your path, moving through lower and higher vibrations all the time. When you are upset, angry and not caring about yourself or others, you might not really be getting up higher on your spoke. Whilst if you are angry, which in most cases we have all been, you are angry at nothing else than your own vision.

Your inner drive, soul or holy spirit is your Manu, where your body is your temple, the first and foremost part with which you engage into this world with, your Gaja Gateway, the tool with which you become. Say, the vehicle with which you drive on your path. Love yourself, your body and your abilities. Every life we get better at what we do, even if we do not manage to get to the level where we would see ourselves respoked, our path is up, and every life of good deeds brings us on a better level, greater families and incredible opportunities. There is no need for a caste system, borders around the world of God, and everyone is a child of the light, a manu, a shatarupa, an adam from the garden of eden.

There are some questions around teachings revolving about adam and eve, about knowledge and the tree of life and wisdom, ida and pingala or od and ob; the two sides of the line that make life. Without a world with lower vibrations, where the river of life flows, there would be nothing around you at the moment. You live in a world we all together created, that keeps alive the structure in which we are all growing together. Not only this text is part of it, all the music, the buildings, roads and even languages are part of the side of the world that on the one side weight us down, yet also allow us to pull ourselves up. This makes the golden road to nowhere, that just goes round forever, with some witches pulling you into their candyhouses on the one side and the everlast discotheque of saints and stars on the other side.

Now do not forget, at the end of your path, the top of the spoke, in the center of the wheel where time does not move, is a place you get through the discotheque of saints and stars, not through the candyhouses that pull you down into the river. Following your fear and your physical reactions will not get you to live forever. Bite that apple, eat those lentils, get hooked and forget to get back in the drivers seat; Give yourself to your passion. Biting down, it happens to many of us. Enjoy the life you live, and let go. Balance is key, moving energy between the world around you and your self has been studied for thousands of years. both the dark, formative and the light, spirited side, your ida and pingala, feed and use your prana, life energy, that is every where. How you take it and give it is something we nowadays often just do not understand. Every life you get to understand this better, until you can get to the top of your path in one life. Perhaps this booklet helps you, yet once mankind gets closer to the mind age it will be easier for all the children to understand what Jing, qi, and shen are and why popular stimuli such as good food and music give people so much energy. This is where you drive your vehicle, through your own vision of the world around you. Sometimes it takes a number of lifetimes to learn to drive your car up the path, and see what costs and what gives energy. Learning to hold the energy, or not squander it, whilst you only interact positively with the world around you, slowly brings you higher up your pathway. One could say it heightens your Karmic Score, or just steps on Your Path. A good score for a well managed vehicle, with the possibility of winning the race, a reward that always results in happy people.

For now you have learned a few things; you are a living light-speed based program and there is energy that you have, that you move as Manu in the Gaja and that you need two sides of your programming in balance to make drive up Your Path. Overcome the fear and the physical pressure the material world puts on you, make, give, share and grow to become. Become a driver of your car, of the race, of your life.

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