You are, and all of life around you is, a light-speed based program. you would either have to believe it or know it, for even experiencing it does not tell you what you are. technically speaking you are a reflection in action, a state of being, an execution of a formula, that is mirroring actions in a stream, measuring a moving state of affairs, using sensory input to define a non existent and ever changing reality. On the one side every being sees a different picture, on the other side, the picture is only there and not even that important. you could also say that you are a holy soul, spirit, who is holding the image of a world in their own vision, in their own mind, which is part of that world of which you hold an image. This means you are a light-speed based computation, and so is everything around you. Good. Lets try that again.

The core of you, one could say, is your spirit, your soul, a light-speed based computation. A logical sequence, often witnessed by us for the actions and consequences rather than the programming itself. Which can be hard, witnessing the programming, for we are watching the output, being a reflection in action, reflecting upon the actions and their consequences instead of looking inside. You cannot see what projects you, you will have to believe it, or find the programming inside of you. Like shadows on the wall do not tell you what is actually happening, seeing is believing, yet not knowing. Best you accept this, or you may believe this, and follow the logic. Believe, or rather accept, and become. Obey only yourself. Thus this, driving along the road of adventures in a programmed reality, starts with acceptance of this fact. You are a living dream state, programmed upon a logical base binding the light, creating positive clusters, leaving clusters to need to be positive, constantly allocating positive vibrations and connections leading to more positive allocation, which we would call Love.

All of the world around you has been made by God the maker of all, with the ingredients Light and Logic. The logic, say the programming, binds the light in clusters of positiveness. Once the programming has been turned on, this world keeps streaming and goes round endlessly, which is good, otherwise you would not exist.

A simple way to see the whole of the light-speed based programming, Gods great creation, is to imagine a wheel with a lot of spokes. Spin it round and voila, the world is spinning. you are a spoke on the wheel, and the days of your life are made by the movement of the wheel. The reason why someone makes a sign with their hand creating a circle with their index finger and their thumb whilst sticking three fingers in the air as if they are spokes. This is the wheel of time. Heaven, is the circle where time does not exist, there where the spokes of the wheel are moving, that is where you are reading this text. Say, in the tire.

Some people call it a multiverse, for each spoke can hold and control a full vision of a universe by itself. At the top of the swing of the wheel it is easier to learn how to do this, the spokes are all fresh and close to the center, whilst at the bottom of the wheel it is harder. Now technically it is of course not a wheel, this is our interpretation at the moment, however, that there is a central point where all the souls who rise up to a function level gather, outside of time, that there is a round going motion in which all the souls are moving together is undeniable and when one draws this, taking into account that there is a part of the wheel where it is easy to grow between the others towards the heavens, and a part where it is harder to do so the wheel becomes a bit of an ellipse, an oval shape. Because of this many people also call it the egg. All in all I just call it the apex drive and it is very convenient to have for both me and you.

Praying to the God who created all is nice of you yet praying is mostly a practice of your focus, so you can channel that what your inner logic offers, allowing you to direct your attention and energy for the betterment of you and the world around you. Take care not to pray to silly causes and when you pray know that you are working your inner muscle, you are working out in soul gym, so to say. And many people do not go to the gym, they have no need or time for it. They are at their best when they go out there, in balance, living a loving, soulful life.

To get a clear picture of why it is harder to get to heaven on the low side, where lots of physical development takes place, one would need to understand that the understanding that the spokes, the souls or people, share grows locally. You can go there and explain all of this to them, yet most end up kungfu fighting over their heavenly stairway instead of giving themselves to the positive motion that helps them up along the spoke, towards the heavens, whilst being pulled or pushed forward and bashed between the other spokes that all know so very well how heaven and the world works. Just imagine yourself standing anywhere in history trying to explain how heaven works… By the time that mankind has reached this understanding, a very very long time might have passed. We start seeing that the energy in the world lies both inside as well as outside of us and managing how we spend our attention, towards our own programming, defines where on the spoke we are.

Now lets add some elements to help our understanding grow. Place the wheel flat on the ground, stable, so it can swing round well. Now pull up the center of the wheel, so all the spokes form a cone rising up into the sky. Flatten, in your mind, the sides of this cone a bit, for aesthetics, and now you have the pyramid with the eye on top! We are going to spin this wheel round so flattening sides does not really do a thing. Lets just place a small pyramid below the spokes to highlight the quarters. These quarters represent the four main phases mankind goes through, which for many folks does not matter, you are where you are and you still need to get to the middle of the wheel, no matter what ‘time’ it is.

We are not done yet! Imagine that the wheel has a real big thick tire, which is see through and is filled with say water or some thick translucent gel, just because it is awesome and it represents the struggle we can have whilst moving forward. Alas we have chosen a way to tight fit and the tire slips off the edge and pops over the wheel, making all the spokes slide through the water or gel trying to go round. Almost there. To be able to place a light-bulb just above the top of the pyramid, we need to attach a pretty cup over the top, so we can screw a light-bulb onto something. Good. Seems we are almost there. Now you need to spin the wheel round real slow. The light-bulb itself doesn’t move, just like the cup, and the spokes in the top, near the cup, almost do not spin. Lets just imagine that the spokes are rays of light that come from the cup downward. Now, the spokes almost near the pretty cup go real slow and there is not much wind stirring them yet near the tire the speed is a lot faster. in the tire there is a whole lot of motion happening, the river of life. The pretty cup, is heaven. Some folks would call getting out of the river of heavy motion the first level of heaven, to get to the shore, to have keys from overseas, to pass over the river; some folks would call it the first step of becoming.

This should do. With this we can start our journey, learning how to steer ourselves through the days of our lives and climb the route to the heavens. Believe it or not, for when a spoke goes ‘level up’ it does not matter where it is or how it looks. In the same way that the world was turned on, you exist, a thread running the same programming as.. everything, viewing part of it. Accept that you are a living program, and follow the logic.

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