How Then

what are you saying? Everyone goes to heaven? Hot stuff! How then?

Mankind is an interesting case, we seem to just not register the importance of our path. There are many lost sheep out there, basically all the children of these so called modern times -arent they always- and during these years many people reach ascension following the outer path, using fame for their progress.

Something we could call a golden calf or a false altar yet it is what we have got at the moment. Many dogs, few shepherds, endless lost sheep. And it is not a bad thing, the best music and arts are way better than the best warlords and worst war. Let’s make the whole world awesome, so all can give some awe, so every kid has a great future and if you doubt, it’s never to late to play an active role in saving your soul. Join the awesome, by being awesome.

thus… I’ve been recording for a long time now, yet the core is the same; how does heaven work. How do we get there, why is the Buddhist pope so informative compared to the relatively blind Christians and why do Muslims seem so.. lost yet sure of their cause? Where did Hinduism go wildcard and how come Buddhism has become trinkets, images of a head and sometimes, alike many of the thousands of religions, even goes aggressive in rules ór people? Well, there is just no difference in where or how someone submits to the holy spirit within, be it ten thousand years ago or today, other than that we are all different. Lest be that all the humans are individuals, in different places on different moments, no matter what streams they follow, there will be many different ways of executing the lessons learned. And many fail. To be born a human and to learn is the very first step. To protect the lessons, a natural thing. The teachings we have, absolutely fantastic. Bear with me, it will be a great ride.

lets have a look at what we have, in understanding how life works: the physical side, which I shall refer to as science schmience or ‘the stack’, and on the other her side the metaphysical side: where lies the goal. One can see this as two sides of a line, heaven and hell, the top and bottom of the pyramid, the core of the egg or wheel and many more such notions yet what does that mean? To understand what this means we will have to start with the schmience part, the physical world where we have a body and can read words, unless you were born an angel, a metaphysical programme instead of a human.

whoop! In too deep, straight we are driving onto the highway of understanding. Which happens to be ‘my thing’, and eventually, every thing. Between all the humans that discover the secrets of heaven and those who can do something with it lies an incredible gap, most discover heaven when it’s too late for them to make amends to the previous life, and if by good deeds one has managed to reach a positive rebirth, with awareness of the fact, one would not have an easy time reaching out to family and friends.

The lessons mankind has are limited, or their applied usage maybe, yet many of them excellent guides to the heavens. Currently the understanding of the working of the universe is focused mostly on the physical side of life, rather than the understanding of the path to heaven. Many folks are making the most crucial mistake they could make in a lifetime, they think that it doesn’t matter what they do. The two sides of this mistake are: not believing that there is a heaven and thus believing it doesn’t matter what they do. Gautama The Super Ultra Plus Awesome reached the Budh, the highest point or the total end of our existence, the top of the pyramid, and is referred to as The Buddha, logically. He said, there are three mistakes: denying the use of good deeds, denial of the use of a path and the existence of angels. This seems logical, if one doesn’t believe in heaven, the layer of the programming above the world of flesh, why would one think good deeds lead there or that a pathway would guide them there? Luckily we have good teachers and great pathways.

The whole of Christianity tried to get you there and a Muslim submits to God for a reason. Vivekananda for instance wrote “Arise! Awake! and stop not till the goal is reached!” By which I assume he means the goal of goals, ascension. He continues “Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by work or worship or psychic control, or philosophy – by one or more, or all of these – and be free. This is the whole of religion. Doctrines or dogmas, or rituals or books or temples or forms, are but secondary details”. Yes, all humans are born to become the next level of their own programming, this is what we are here for. Controlling nature, basically everything, is the way to get to heaven, the level of being above the level of choice. Whether one learns it by looking inside or via the outside of reflection of action, one becomes a living god by being in control of one’s own programming.

Whilst working on an understanding, say a module you can load, to form a vision, an idea, of your own build and with that the whole of existence, much is of course happening around us. And it seems many people are seeking and finding their pathway up! Hooray, hallelujah and peace for all forever!

For those lost between the lines here are some guidelines, not rules, a status to obtain, to desire. Be awesome! And beyond!

To infinity and beyond; simple steps:

Awesome, for the Streets

  • No stealing
  • No sex alone or for the ego
  • No lying
  • No killing, thus also no animals

Super awesome, for the Templar

  • Not taking anything not given
  • No false speech, bad words or saying nasty stuff
  • No perfumes and jewellery, 
  • No frivolous entertainments, 
  • No ego sex or ejaculation,
  • Not losing control of mind through alcohol or drugs,
  • No harming any living being, in any way

Ultra Awesome, Passover Prep

  • No solid food after midday, 
  • No luxury, raised, soft beds,
  • No involvement with money or other valuables.
  • No generic sense-pleasure, just joy.

Yes, this needs some work. A drivers license, a way to get into your driver’s seat, manage the car, see the road and win the prize at the end of the race. Perhaps the next article will deal with that.

And still many questions. Why do so many people do the opposite of this? Why do so many eat meat? What about the left, inner path or the outer, right path? Can’t I just do anything? How many do you meet that have gone to heaven? Where is this then? Wont most be going round in unawareness, for reasons we all know and deny? Who holds the scepter of the heavens gate? You do!

Much Ado, much Todo. Working on it, may you do so too, until the whole world is awesome. Triple Trinity FTW!

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