A Star Is Born

Take a deep breath. Make a smile.

Don’t be upset. Squeeze out those tears and try to smile again.

Take a deep breath. There is way more to come. Stick to the good vibes, keep things koosjer, don’t dive too deep, like granny would say: too is never good.

Staring into the darkness, weighs one down. Let me do that for you, so you can focus on the positive things in life. The bliss that you are here for. Life is the best gift you have ever received, and more gifts come for all good you give. Let me give you a poem for the meanwhile. Our chandelier carries seven torches at the moment and before the end of time comes we will reach nine, yet that is really really far away, and you, are a child of the light. A star is born in every house.

Take time. Take it all.

No temple no nothing no sharing no caring
Just remembering a war
Just remember the war

Dark stars and a brittle milky way
Really really Far away

No knowledge just feelings No freedom no daring
Just a label perhaps a brand
Just borders around no man’s land

Everyone already born unstuck
Unaware and climbing back up

Many believers, many principles, no one sees
There is no difference like we start
Nothing in this world is truly apart

Can we stand up? Without a label?
Kids of the code, not Baal or Babel

Peace always somewhere, shade or light
By the father, forward
Forward is all we are

History crumbles and stories rewritten
Culture would be suffering
People all feel bitten

The logic never changes, the book is the same
All the children playing
Gods’ Paradise Garden Game

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