The Spirit of Time

It has been decided. The human has no idea about itself yet science is its sword. And they are horrible at fighting with it. People seem to be caught in a desire struck loop, in a pseudo psychotic ideology of a flat earth alike idealism, and need to face the world as it has become rather then as it has been judged, empirically. Great works of hundreds of parts stating that we do not know. Party on, the idea is great, the love, lovely.

Well at least we are having fun. Pushing the zeitgeist towards a new world without war aint easy I guess. Too much pressure on the economical dispersion combined with some marketing towards hate for any others, without those who are reading about it understanding any of it. All the clever guys I meet just stay fully on their path and thus will  change nothing because of their rigidly set programming. So something has to change. Luckily everything always changes. Someone has to envoke the timechangers.

However who am I? Let me look at myself first. Ouch. Incommensurable beyond. Wild usage of language even. Thus I started trolling the concept of Poetry until I feel less extreme. Who knows; maybe there are poems to be found here one day. Yet another expression along the great divine premise of creating within creation. As it is supposed to be.

Yet all of that becomes secondary to finding God within. The holy spirit.  What? Where? Inside, following the logic that made all. Say, getting through the maze of the mandala by looking inside one’s own programming. Let me try to explain;

Our actions and visions are all part of God’s mandala. We have little different option then to work with those thoughts, or even views, we move within. Even the broadening of our horizons, can only lead to seeing more through the logic that made all, within the part of the mandala.

This mandala is the well known geometrical pattern that is symbolically showing us the metaphysical layering of our cosmos.

When we are able to parse openly, the logical programming that made us allows us to use our energy to move our vision. This would be called many things, depending on where in that mandala we are looking, such as becoming, overcoming, holy spirit, creating from within and so on.

Much of the sacred and or secret wisdom we pass around, stories about the inner eye, treatises on meditation and many religious works are about the positioning of our view, say, the ability to see, for in this Mandala, we are a sub logical feature until we learn to logically see, innate, alike we learn to walk.

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